Naypyidaw Tourist Attractions

Tourist attractions in Naypyidaw

The Uppatasanti Pagoda, also called "Peace Pagoda", is a striking landmark of Naypyidaw. Naypyidaw, the new administrative capital. Naypyidaw is really the only tourist attraction worth seeing. Naypyidaw is really the only tourist attraction worth seeing. Naypyidaw is really the only tourist attraction worth seeing.

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All of us know the "new" target Myanmar (formerly Burma). After no less than four visitors, nothing is new to me, the first was in 2008, before the goal was "discovered" (not to speak of my first thought to go there as early as 1996). In 2008, this proposed capital was integrated as the new capital of the Republic of Myanmar.

Besides eight-lane avenues ( with relatively little traffic), west of the line commercial centres, cosmopolitan hotel and amusement park, the outskirts around this flawless town were one of the main attractions I thought worth visiting, what some might call the "concrete jungle". The mere observation of the Hluttaw chamber (parliament) and the army museums from the outside was in itself a real excitement.

In addition, there were some stunning amusement park themes not normally found in tourist attractions such as the National Landmark Gardens, the 99 metre high Uppatasanti Pongo and the huge Defense Museum (closed to non-Tatmadaw staff at the 2014 date of arrival; full of tank ers, ships, cannons and planes left everywhere; visible from the outside).

My link, however, was to the Naypyidawownships where it was possible to dine in one of the nearby bars, meet with the natives and see the small Catholic Church of St Michael the Archangel in the Pyinmana space city ( which Google shows us will be substituted by a much bigger edifice under erection as at the moment of writing).

That gives me the confidence that Naypyidaw is definitely deserving of a stop and tourist should go to satellites and associate with local people as a kind of fast and steady tourist and you will not be dissapointed. I' m sure Naypyidaw can be visited. If you would like more information about Myanmar tourist attractions, please e-mail Dr. John Ayoub using the below contacts.

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