Naypyidaw to Bagan Bus

The Nay Pyidaw to Bagan Bus

Timetables and fares between Yangon-Mandalay-Inle-Bagan-Moulmein. Can' t find the bus timetable Mandalay-Naypyidaw or Bagan-Naypyidaw. Activities in Bagan, Myanmar: Then, skip Naypyidaw by taking a night bus from Bagan to Yangon. A page I found useful was Myanmar Bus Ticket.

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The JJ Express, or Joyous Travel Express, is a bus operator located in Yangon that offers new coaches and a high degree of services. It is a V.I.P. bus and will provide meals, refreshments and fun for the travelers. Launched in 2011, the airline uses a 2+1 seater bus fleets to enhance passenger comforts.

The coaches are checked every day before departure in order to maximize security and minimize the risks of breakdowns. The JJ Express driver has at least 10 years of bus riding expertise and must complete more rigorous driver education before they can take the bus.

JJ Express has two kinds of classes. Participants provide refreshment throughout the trip and are all fully qualified in first-aid. Yangon's primary bus station is Aung Mingalar Bus Station, located on Thudhamma Road in North Okkalarpa township. It is about 25 kilometers from Yangon city center and lasts at least 45 min. by cab.

The Bagan Shwe Pyi Bus Station is the Bagan Bus Station's major bus station on the Nyung U Kyauk Pan Taung Highway. From Yangon to Mandalay it is about 625 kilometers and the journey time by bus is about 9-hour. There are only two busses a day: one in the mornings and one single fare bus at $18.50 per day.

A bus from Yangon to Bagan (625 kilometres) departs at 8 pm and can be reached in 9h. There is also a overnight bus in the opposite directions from Bagan to Yangon, leaving either at 8pm or 9pm from Bagan Shwe Pyi bus station. It' s 570 kilometers from Inle Lake to Yangon and it will take at least 10 hrs by bus.

From Yangon to Nay Pyi Taw (370 kilometres) is a more common trip with 4 busses per night (8am, 12pm, 5pm and 10pm), the trip takes about 5h for USD7. The Mandalay to Nay Pyi Taw is a 4-hour drive of over 270 kilometers and leaves at 7 a.m. for $6. The Yangon-Bagan V ip bus is the best itinerary, including convenient seating, a restroom, Wi-Fi on board and snacks.

You should not use third parties' sites to make bookings with JJ Express, and they often increase the cost by an extra $5. Bus departs Yangon from Aung Mingalar bus station, which is at least 45 minutes by cab from the center of Yangon. The majority of travelers are extremely satisfied after the investment in a new range of state-of-the-art busses.

Irrespective of the itinerary, travelers are generally satisfied with the services, although some are a little uneasy, as the messages are always in Burmese without comment. However, there have been some reports of long arrivals, especially on the Mandalay-Yangon road, which took almost 13 hrs to get to Yangon. Unlike many travelers' experiences with other bus operators, we have never seen the light turned on at nights or the JJ Express system's noise level being too high.

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