Naypyidaw to Bagan

Gnaypyidaw to Bagan

Information on transport and advice for Bagan. It is better to take a private taxi from Naypyidaw to Bagan. Some days later we need a transfer from Naypyitaw to Bagan, and so far only heard from a driver who can normally be financed at a certain place in Naypyitaw. The best thing to do is: Uppatasanti Pagoda, Ananda Temple, Sulamani Guphaya Temple and Bagan Temple.

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Anyone know a timetable from Naypyidaw to Old Bagan? But I was reading in the preceding pole a bloke found a coach at 7am, but I'm looking for something later in the am, like 10am. Also, in general for Myanmar, is it better to make an advance booking on-line or cheaper/better when you arrive?

People who know this travel destinations very well and often ask travelers about them.

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I' m going from Bagan to Naypyitaw. Do you have busses? Coaches from Bagan to Thazi often drive through Naipaidaw also to Yangon just check with your GH to pre-book the right also remain in Naung U as central sightseeing spots that are definitely to be visited during a brief sojourn...more information here: Thanks for your reply.

No Bagan-Yangon Express coaches first! You will take the Hwy Express Road, which is still far from the town. You can take the Nyaung Oo Man bus to Nay PyiTaw & it departs at 6:00, 10:00 and 19:00. They are all air-conditioned but 6:00 and 19:00 are express busses & 10:00 is minibus only.

The price of 11000 Kyats & Mini is 15000 Kyats! It' taking six and a half hour from Bagan to Nyapyitaw. From Nyaung Oo (Bagan) you can also drive to Pyinmana (Naypyitaw). Naypyitaw station is far from the area! Hi, just wondering if you can tell me what it would likely cost to get a rental car to go from Bagan to mt popa for a tip then to Nay Pyi Taw this overnight to my next motel?

Getting to Bagan

Please use the quick link below to go to the section about transportation to and from Bagan. The Nyaung U (NYU) International Terminal offers flights to Heho (Inle Lake), Yangon and Mandalay. KBZ, Asian Wings, Golden Myanmar, Myanma National Air, Yangon Airways and Yadanarpon Air. Hhoo $94-$104, Mandalay $73-$83 and Yangon $113-$123 A very useful agency has come up with the prices of Mandalay, $40-53, Heho $60-64 and Yangon $75-83.

Yoadanarpon are usually the least expensive, but please visit the airline or Bagan tourist agency website for the current cost. You should get back 5,000 kyats for Nyaung U or 7,000 or 8,000 for Old and New Bagan. There is a train service from Bagan to Yangon in the southern part or Mandalay in the northern part.

Yangon's timetable has a 5:00pm timetable that arrives the next day at 10:30am. From mid-2016, 16,500 kyats of luxury sleepers, 12,000 kyats of luxury and 4,500 kyats of normal grade will be offered. Mandalay has two runs at 04:00 and 07:00. Early migration is a slower, more common migration and lasts at least 11 hrs, while fast migration lasts about eighthrs.

The first grade is 1.800kyats, the usual grade is 1.300kyats. The Nyaung U train is a way out of the city, a few kilometers after the international airports, and the formal cab fare is 7,000-8,000 for Nyaung U or New and Old Bagan cities. Bagan's most important long haul train terminal is a few kilometers outside Nyaung U. Of particular interest to the visitor are the Mandalay, Yangon and Kalaw/Inle lines.

There is a small on the main road in Nyaung U, serving Magwe, Pakokku and Monywa. Mandalay offers a wide selection of mini busses, 24-seater and full 45-seater-busses. The fare is 8,000-10,000 kyats; mini busses are usually slightly more expensive and bigger busses a few more.

Yangon offers a selection of mornings and evenings sailings, divided into standard climate and City-boats. First one costs about 13,000 Euros, 18,500 Kie. Departure is planned between 07:00 and 08:30 and 19:00 and 20:30, with the celebrity (led by Bagan Minn Thar) starting at 20:00.

On the first day there is an air-conditioned 11,000 Kya ticket coach and on the second day there is a 15,000 Kya collective taxicab. 7:00 is also a 11,000 Kiev coach, and 8:00 is a V.I.P. dorm. Extraordinary collective taxes for Inle and Mandalay (10-seater, no limousines) depart whenever they find enough people.

Others are a Naypyidaw 18:00 for 11,000 people, which lasts 8 hrs, or a Pyay ventilator and climate coach, which both depart at 13:00 hrs and cost 11,000 and 13,000 people respectively (lasts 9 hours). It will take 3,5 hrs over Pakokku for 4.000 Kie. We' ve seen several inns that have sold the 11,000 coach seats for 13,000 kyats, for example, so that's a $1.50 sort out surcharge.

When you are cited for what you think is an excessive servicing charge, walk down the street and ask somewhere else - you are never far from a tourist agency. The improvement in streets is causing Burma's rivers to decrease slightly these few short weeks, although official vessels still sail the Ayeyarwadys between Bagan and Mandalay and privately owned businesses organize boat trips on a daily basis.

Chindwin service requires you to land to Monywa first, as there are no vessels from Bagan. You can rent a boat from one of the docks in Nyaung U, Old and New Bagan for short trips and e.g. sundown trips. Down to Mandalay on a full tour down the powerful Ayeyarwaddy can be an occasion to prevent rough streets, overcrowded busses and second-class lunches.

Instead of using one of the state of the art and fast vessels, we suggest one of the more touristic-friendly. Departures to the main river section in Mandalay or the Nyaung U beaches. The length of the voyage naturally again varies depending on the level of the river and the current. If you leave Mandalay with a 7:00am downriver, it is best to land at 3:00pm, while in dryer climates it can be 6:00pm or 7:00pm.

In the early hours of the day or later in the afternoons, the ferry will pass either the sand, stupa-covered rocks that approach Bagan or the stunning shrines and gold towers of the city. Various boats differ in specs, so some are a little more spacious, others a tad quicker, but all are generally comfy, offering a option from below climate control seating or uppermat.

Each boat we sail on offers free breakfast with free buffet with unrestricted free of charge coffe, tee, toast and marmalade and serves basic meals on the boat. You can order in a large boat in a local restaurants and on the smaller ones you can come and take your order. Anticipate roasted pasta or roasted browning for 2,000-2,500k yat, while some vessels offer a free meal.

Snack is usually available on the ship and sometimes ships stop on the way - for example in Myaung, where we expect to take or collect Monywa travellers - and where sellers are wading into the stream to throw steamsas or cannabis onto the sail. Use caution when uninvited carriers take your purse out of a touk touc, throw it onto the barge and then charge 1,000 Kie.

Arriving at Nyaung U beaches can be particularly messy. Mandalay upstream vessels start at 06:00, while Bagan-bound vessels start at 07:00. Timetables may be unforeseeable, but in the 2016 wet season the governments low-speed vessels departed from Bagan on Thursdays and Mondays and from Mandalay on Wednesday and Sunday, with aliens being billed between $18 and $20.

On Fridays a quick personalized, personalized, quick trip was only available from Bagan to Mandalay for $32 and on Thursdays in the opposite order for $42 per passenger. Each hotel, guesthouse and agency should be able to supply you with up-to-date information and ticketing. During peak times the ships take turns between Shwe Keinnery and Malikha.

When we understand right, although different vessels have different owner, all trips are organized by Myanmar River Cruises. Journey time can be much longer than planned. Pickup busses run between Nyaung U,et Kyi Inn, Old Bagan, Myinkaba and New Bagan and theoretically all along the way.

Nyaung U is located at the round-about at the Markt and in New Bagan in the mornings at the Markt on Khayea Pin Street. The ticket is 1,000 kyats for non-nationals. Renting a Nyaung U guest house or high-end Old Bagan residence will increase the cost, as will visiting at sundown.

It is 7,000-8,000 by cab and the airports are 5,000, 6,000 and 7,000 from Nyaung U, Old Bagan and New Bagan. In recent years, e-bikes have become omnipresent throughout Bagan. In the past, Bagan was visited by bike, horses and wagon or cab, unless you reserved a trip.

Bikes are 1,000-2,000 kyats per days, although most are not of very high value. Outside the low seasons, the rates drop to 5,000 kyats. AW, situated in the centre opposite Zfreeti in Nyaung U, offered the sensible benefit of being able to try it out on a calm route away from transport, instead of directly in front of a townhouse.

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