Naypyidaw Stadium

Naipyidaw Stadium

The Zayarthiri Stadium (Burmese: ?????

???? ???????????) is a multi-purpose stadium in Naypyidaw, Myanmar. Theikdi Wunna Stadium footprint: Theikdi Wunna Football Stadium, Naypyidaw. Naypyidaw Zayarthiri Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Naypyidaw, Myanmar. Sports facilities Myanmar (Burma) /; Sports facilities Naypyidaw.

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The Wunna Theikdi Stadium (Burmese: ?????????? ???????????) is a multi-purpose stadium in Naypyidaw, Myanmar. The stadium was the host of the Southeast Asian Games 2013 and the ASEAN Para Games 2014, which are to be used for the 2017 MNL series. Max Myanmar is constructing NPT Stadium - Myanmar Times.

Wunna Theikdi Football Stadium (Zabu Thiri Stadium) - Soccerway". Myanmar SEA Games 2013. "Twenty-seventh SEA Games > Myanmar 2013". That piece about a Myanmar sporting facility is a stump.

You know the Myanmar tripples?

There are three almost identically constructed arenas, which were constructed one year and only 240 km apart. Today we can show you the state-of-the-art stadium in Mandalay, Myanmar, thanks to a tour by the renowned ground hopper Frank Jasperneite. The most interesting thing is not the Mandalar-Thiri-Stadium itself, but the fact that there are not far away two almost similar stages.

Well, before we get to Myanmar (not in person, unfortunately), let us say that cases of more than one stadium constructed to the same pattern are not unusual. China's expansionary "stadium diplomacy" is another reason why some of the stadiums in Africa have their precise counterparts in China. First, the use of the same designs usually involves at least slight changes in structure and/or aesthetics.

Second, it is the only case known to us in which not two but three event locations were constructed along the same lines. It covers both the site (two of which are in the renowned spirit capital Naypyidaw, the third only 200 km north) and the period (two were constructed in the years 2010-2012 and the third in the years 2011-2013) and the use.

They were all constructed for the Southeast Asia Games 2013.

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