Naypyidaw Railway Station

Nesypyidaw Railway Station

The Napyitaw Central Station is in Myanmar, Naypyitaw, Naypyidaw. The train station in Naypyidaw is far away from the Nyapyidaw and Pyinmana hotel zone. Till we get to Naypyidaw, so...

Yangon station location. The Pyinmana station is a station in Naypyidaw.

Shipping - Inle Lake to Naypyidaw - Mandalay News Board

Hi, I was just thinking how do I get from Inle Lake to Naypyidaw? While we wanted to drive from Inle Lake to Bago, we chose not to, because there is not much to do. It is much better and quicker by coach to NayPyiDaw from Lac Inle than by rail, even if there is a beautiful landscape on the way from ShweNyaung to Thazi.

Naypyidaw railway station is far from Nyapyidaw and Pyinmana hotels. The new capital is Naypyidaw and many central administrations of the government are located there. Naypyidaw's only climax is the Uppatasanti Puagoda (a brand new style with a empty stupa in Myanmar is also definitely a must).

More of a place to go, I think, than Naypyidaw. Only one overnight stop is enough to discover Naypyidaw. Accommodation in the Hotel Zone is very pricey, Myint Mo Nann Motel is a good option to get close to the hotel and the great Uppatasanti Pagoda: Naypyidaw has many busses to Bago.

A good thing is that you can fish from Naypyidaw in any directio. Nearly all Naypyidaw are less than Big 4, not many were there. Hello again right OK, so it will be better to stop for a overnight in Bago? that was our initial goal before we flew to Bagoon to go home. it seems that the transportation to Bago is also simpler?

You only have one overnight stop, it should be Boago-- And then to go to Rangoon to fly home. We' ve got two overnight stays for Bayago, we've done it, so we remain 3 working hours, 3 working hours, 3 working hours, 2 kalawa, 2 inle lagoon, 2 bay and 4 yan. andalay 3d, bangan 3d, calaw 2d, island sea 2d, naypyidaw 1d, bayago 2d & Yangon 3d is a great route for you.

No, you do not need to make a reservation in advanced, ask your accommodation or guest house for the coach ticket we have issued on the first night of your stay at the places we have been to. I also found it less expensive to make bookings from Inle lake to Yangon through small agencies.

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