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Nesypyidaw Pictures

One of the most mysterious cities in the world. The Uppatasanti Pagoda, Naypyidaw, Myanmar. Naypyidaw is a luxurious place to stay at PARKROYAL Nay Pyi Taw. People were happy that we were allowed to photograph them. Wellcome to Burma's capital, Naypyidaw.

Realities, one by one: a munch:: Name of Nay Pyi Taw

These, I think, are the first photos of Myanmar's new capitol, Nay Pyi and Naypyi Tibetan tawa (also called Naypyi Tibetan tawa or Naypyidaw), which are being posted somewhere on the Internet. You can see an air photograph on the lefthand side of the new residential buildings that have already been constructed for Myanmar's labor. The Royal Kumudra is on the right-hand side with bungalows in the city's area.

Bayintnaung Yeiktha, the solemn welcome center for international officials at the Ministry of Defence, is on the other. To the right an administration block. There' s no tourist yet and no good reasons why there should be any, but an information center has already been constructed (left). To the right the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development.

To your lefthand side is an air photograph of a very large structure whose function is not known. There is a ceremony door on the right side in the Ministry of Defence of the German state. An additional officebuilding in the army area and on the right a photo of the current works taking place at different places of the town.

Burma's Shiny Ghost Capital: Rare visitor in empty Naypyidaw

The then Myanmar ruler (the land formerly known as Burma) eight years ago said the nation would move from its then Yangon (formerly Rangoon) outpost. Not just another, vibrant, metropolitan centre, but the new town of Naypyidaw, an empty monster worth billions in the midst of the jungles.

Safety and entrenched isolation for the paranoiac army junta at work. Now a lighthouse of nationalist excesses in a largely destitute land, with extensive administrative edifices, eight-lane motorways, playing fields, Vegas-inspired hotel, lavish parks, shopping centres, cinemas, museum and a nationwide wildlife sanctuary including a "safari cage" and an air-conditioned farm.

For decades, the town seems to have almost everything except one decisive component: the population. Naypyidaw is a town without a spirit - an empty, magnificently decorated shell that shelters only 2 per cent of the state. According to the Yangon Army Junior, the move was logic and necessary to get away from the crowds in Yangon and to be nearer to the centre of the state.

A different folklore says that immigration was a mere paradox for Than Shwe, the then chief of the army regime, who was known to be profoundly superstition. Most of the streets in Naypyidaw are four-lane and little used. However, the streets through Congress and the armed forces are particularly broad and look like airstrips, because it was suspected that the army would have an exit strategy in the event of a hostile war.

This new building includes a 30,000-seat outer arena, an Indoors arena and practice pitches, to which a six-lane street leads. As with many other Naypyidaw resort properties, the Sky Palace Hotel's façade remains illuminated throughout the day, in the outlines of Burma's tradition.

Nearly all Naypyidaw is in the "Hotel Zone", which looks like the Vegas-stripe. Behind the Mingalar Thiri is a new bungalow-style room, while the 218-room hotel's principal building is still underway. Awaiting the arrival of visitors for the SEA matches, several new properties are currently being constructed.

TZTM, a building firm belonging to U Thet Lin, a closely associated member of the former reigning army junk. The majority of the other properties in Naypyidaw are being constructed by members of the Naypyidaw Congregation. It' an empty track in Naypyidaw. Whilst Myanmar has not officially censored since 1983, the administration says that over 900,000 inhabitants are living in Naypyidaw, making it the third biggest town in Myanmar.

20-year-old Saw Tay Lai is preparing to dive into the Naypyidaw Mountain Park to repair a well. Naypyidaw Town Hall, the pond is rich in whitebread for 100 kyats (10 cents).

Naypyidaw's neighbourhood Thabyegon is home to young men plays the South East Asia canneball series. It is customary in the evening for young men to perform the classic Myanmar style, named Chinlon, in which the football is played in a group without opponent team. Water Fountain Park is one of the major tourist sites in Naypyidaw, along with the Zoological Garden (the biggest in Myanmar) and the National Herb Garden.

It is a favourite with families or pairs, especially in the evenings when the water in the central area is illuminated by alternating coloured candles. Signposts along the sea route ask pairs to stick to the Myanmar traditions by being modest in the general population. One of his fathers uses his mobile to take pictures of his kids in Naypyidaw Water Fell.

Five years ago, only the affluent Myanmar mobile phone community could have afforded it, mainly because of the prohibitive cost of IIMs. In contrast to the Shwedagon Pagoda, which is situated in the centre of Yangon and is full of humans, the Uppatassanti is situated on the edge of Napyidaw and welcomes far fewer tourists.

Sitting with his boyfriend in the Flight Café next to the Sky Palace Hotel in the hotel district of Naypyidaw. In 2010, the café was constructed from a disused F28 airliner. Naypyidaw is an extravagant ly large and sumptuous hotel.

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