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Nurpyidaw Photos

To view any photo in full screen, click on it. Naypyidaw offers a luxurious stay at the Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Nay Pyi Taw. The PostFun[Fotos] Dog Goes Viral After Realizing He's At The VetPostFun. Pictures of James Woodhead and Andres. Also, Naypyidaw is strict when it comes to photography, where tourists are not allowed to take pictures of public or government buildings and military officials.

The Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Nay Pyi Taw, Naypyidaw: Infos, photos, critiques

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All fees provided by this accommodation are inclusive. Prices may differ, however, depending on the length of your holiday or room. There is another name for the hotels in large letters on the solid billboard on the street. Aureum is written in smaller letters below. However, it made my coachman miss the plavue and I got thrown down the street and went back.

Arriving at the door, I was waiting 15-20 min (I was asked to stay, sir) until the transfer took me to the reception, which turned out to be only a 2 min walking distance. A great lodging, great room and good value for money. Gnaypyidaw is nothing and no need to go, really.

It is a complete monster and a drive around will raise the issues and strengthen views on why the junta has relocated the Yangon capitol. It is divided into areas (hotel, parliaments, ministries, etc.), but the hotels themselves are very good. It' a good place and the breakfasts are great.

Outside the guesthouse there is nothing to walk to. Myanmar's Naypyidaw is pricey and if you don't have anything to do there, I don't think it's really a good idea.

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