Naypyidaw Parliament

National Parliament

Naypyitaw Parliament Building (Google Maps). The Hluttaw State Parliament building in Naypyitaw is now open to international visitors, according to an official from the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. A view of Naypyidaw's Union Parliament, surrounded by the Ministry Zone. Naypyidaw National Library is located near Kumudra County, in the municipality of Ottarathiri, Naypyidaw, Myanmar. A panoramic view of the Hluttaw complex (Parliament) in Naypyidaw.

Hluttaw (Parliament)

Hluttaw (Parliament) consists of 31 houses with the presidential palace in the vicinity. The 664 members of parliament are accommodated in this beautifully designed house with traditionally Myanmar-style awnings. Hluttaw consists of an upper house (House of Nationalities) and a lower house (House of Representatives), all of which are appointed members, 25% reserved for the war.

Hluttav is the term used for the Council of Ministers under the King of Myanmar. Pyithu Hluttaw is made up of a max. of 440 Hluttaw agents as follows: a) no more than 330 Pyithu Hluttaw officials who have been chosen according to the Act on the base of the cities and the people or who form an appropriate community that is infectious to the recently established cities when there are more than 330 cities; (1) a record of the President's speech; (2) a read and record of the President's embassy and other news approved by the President;

Conducting, reviewing and deciding on a law; (4) Reviewing and deciding the affairs to be conducted by Pyithu Hluttaw in accordance with the Constitution; (5) Reviewing, deciding and writing the report to Pyithu Hluttaw; (6) Reviewing, proposing, reviewing and deciding; (7) Asking and answering a question; (8) Conducting affairs that have been authorized by Pyithu Hluttaw's spokesperson.

The Pyithu Hluttaw Commission for the Evaluation of Legal Affairs and Special Issues. First Pyithu Hluttaw, First ordinary meeting took place on January 31, 2011. The first Pyithu Hluttaw 12th ordinary meeting was on January 19, 2015 and will be continued.

Career Development Officer, English for Parliament (BUR-T-1656-3)

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