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Card - Naypyidaw (Nay Pyi Taw)

The Burmese Naypyidaw (, formally Nay Pyi Taw and Naypyitaw; formerly known as Kyetpyay, Pyinmana or Kyatpyay, Pyinmana) is the main town of the country, also known as Myanmar. Naypyidaw is managed as Naypyidaw Union Territory, according to the 2008 Constitution. Burma's capital's formal name was revealed on March 27, 2006, Burma Armed Forces Day.

A large part of the proposed town is still under building, which should be finished by around 2012. On October 1, 2012 there were 1,164,299, the ASEAN summits 24 and 25 and the ninth East Asia Summit were hosted in Naypyidaw.

Map of Naypyidaw City, Burma | Map of Naypyidaw City, Burma

Naypyidaw is the third biggest and most populous town in Myanmar with almost 1 million inhabitants. It was secretly constructed by the Myanmar junta in the early 2000s and 2005; the country's capitol was moved from Yangon to Naypyidaw by the military without notice.

Naypyidaw is in the truest sense of the word the "royal capital" and is better placed than Yangon in strategic terms. Naypyidaw is near Pyinmana between the mountain range of Shan Yoma and Bago Yoma. It is bounded to the east by Chaungmagyi Dam to the east and Ngalaik Dam to the west.

There are four zones: the living area, the army area, the ministerial area and the hotels area. Naypyidaw Airport is situated between Ela and Lewe, about 16 km from the town. The airport is linked by several local carriers with frequent services to Yangon and other neighboring towns.

You can reach Naypyidaw by rail. Yangon is a 3.5 km square rail terminal linked to Yangon by a regular rail service. You can even reach the town from Yangon by coach on the 8-lane highways. There are wide highways in the town and a 20-lane avenue, which makes it largely free of traffic jams.

Naypyidaw is a typically savanna clima, warm and moist. Naypyidaw is inundated with rain from June to October. It is best to travel from November to February, as the town is relatively nice and arid at this point. Exhibitions and Fiestas Since Naypyidaw is a new built town, there is no such thing as a one-of-a-kind town.

However, Myanmar does celebrate festivities and other celebrations. Farmers' Day, which is held on 2 March, honours all the hardworking farmers in the land, their biggest livelihood. Thingyan, the festival of waters, which is held in April, is held by pouring rain on everyone. The Kason full moon day in May is characterized by a small ritual during which we pour a little bit of hot and cold running cold running mornings.

The Buddhist Lent begins in July with the Waso Full Moon Day, on which religious throughout the land are endowed with the necessary time offerings, and ends in October with the Tadingyut-Festa. Further holidays are Martyrs' Day, Myanmar New Year, Independence Day, Union Day and the Tazaungdaing Fullmoon Festivals.

Some of the remarkable places in Naypyidaw are as follows: It' a copy of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and a striking symbol of the town. Ngalaik Lake Gardens, located along Ngalaik Dam, is a small aquatic area. It' about seven leagues from the town and was opened in 2008.

Among the main tourist features are waterslides, nature reserves, accommodation and even a sandy area. Naypyidaw Zoological Garden, the biggest zoological garden in the land, is home to about 500 wildlife, among them an air-conditioned guinea pig shed. Further sights to see are Naypyidaw Safari Park, National Herbal Park, a Gem Museum, Ngalaik Dam, a jetty behind the Town Council, etc.

Naypyidaw accommodation includes accommodation in Naypyidaw in hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses and guesthouses, all systematically situated in the city's hotelcot. Situated at the beginning of the city's main area, the Aureum Hotel-Resort is one of the best establishments with inexpensive yet well-maintained rooms. Royal Kumudra is a 4-star resort stretching over 30 hectares.

Others include Thingaha Hotel, Zabu Tihiri Hotel, Nan Waddy Hotel, Nga Laik Kan Tha Garden and Resort, Golden Land Hotel, etc.

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