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Naypyidaw is a hidden city. Receive Naypyidaw images and royalty-free images from iStock. A woman walking in the rain across the open country - Myanmar/Burma, Naypyidaw. Locate the perfect Naypyidaw, Myanmar stock photo. The satellite view shows Naypyidaw (Nay Pyi Taw), the new capital of Myanmar.

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Uppatasanti Pagoda or Peace Pagoda is a constant symbol of the town. Naypyidaw, near Pyinmana, formally succeeded Yangon as Myanmar's capitol in November 2005. The town of Naypyidaw is one of a kind in the area. It' a fully built metropolis, but with very few residents in comparison to its height, so you can enjoy the astonishing and unparalleled (for Asia) sensation of never getting bogged down in the road.

Built by the army as the capitol, the town does not have the Dararray and wonders found throughout Myanmar. In the early 2000s, Naypyidaw was secretly built by the Myanmar junta. It was formally declared the country's new capitol in November 2005. A two-month deadline was set for the relocation of all departments and departments of the state.

Naypyidaw is not home to any of the world' s leading retailers. There are shelters for civil servants, but many of them still have homes for their Yangon family, as the educational and healthcare infrastructures are not yet in place. It has a damp sub-tropical weather and the annual rainfall averages 45.3 inch. (1.151 mm).

Because of its location in the interior, the town is subject to greater fluctuations in weather conditions than the Myanmar Coast. It has 3 seasons: a cold (compared to the others) and arid and a scorching heat and a wet one. May is the beginning of the cooling period, but air moisture is rising quickly and the wet weather is beginning.

The best part of the year to see Naypyidaw is from December to January, when it is not as warm as the hottest time of the year, but also not as dry as the rainfall. There' s a new highway (toll road) connecting Yangon with the NPT. It' 200-mile long, with a restuarant stop at 115-mile.

As of Yangon the trains will run as follows: You might want to get off at Pyinmana (one station just outside Naypyidaw), as this station is nearer to many hotel and the "centre" of Naypyidaw. In order to cope with the increase in air travel to the German capitol, the current Ela International Airports were converted to the bigger aircraft.

Situated 10 km (16 km) south-east of Kyatpyae. It is now registered as a target for all Myanmar national carriers (Myanmar National Airlines, FMI Air, Yangon Airways, Air Mandalay and Air Bagan). There is a coach from Yangon. He drives on an 8-lane motorway for about 4 hrs from Yangon to the city ( "out of nowhere" at an inconspicuous crossroads - very unusual).

That'?s the usual transport in Naypyidaw. Like in Bangkok, although in Myanmar they call it "Thaw Lar Gyi". "It' s the Golden Lake Hotel renting motorcycles. Entrance to Naypyidaw Water Fountain Park 700K. Naypyidaw Zoological Garden was opened in 2008 with around 420 specimens and an air-conditioned farm. Most of the wildlife was resettled from Yangon Sanctuary while civil servants were on the same trip.

The Uppatasanti Puagoda, also known as the "Peace Pagoda", is a striking symbol of Naypyidaw. A Buddha-reliquary from China is a 100 meter high reproduction of the Shwedagon-pagoda in Yangon. There has also Maha Hsutaungpyae Buddha picture in Maha Pasadabhumi Gandhakuti room, four Buddha pictures in the caves of the pit, 33 meter high flagstaff, Bo garden with Maha Bo garden and the pictures of 28 Buddhas, Marlini Mangala lake with the room of Shin Uppagutta and Marlini Pu.

The Ngalaik Lake Gardens is a small aquatic reserve along Ngalaik Dam, near Kyweshin Village on Ngalaik Lake (about seven leagues from Naypyidaw). The Ngalaik Lake Gardens facility, opened in 2008, includes waterslides, nature reserves, accommodation and a sandy area. There is a play area and fountains behind the town council, where a lightshow takes place every evening.

Hlay Khwin Taung' is situated on the east side of Naypyidaw, 7 mile from the Old Yangon-Mandalay motorway. This is where the Sittaung rises and the waters are clear as crystals. There are now cash machines at several sites in Naypyitaw, among others at the airports and in many inns. At the moment Naypyitaw Myoma Market is the trading center of Naypyidaw.

Further areas of interest are the Thapye Chaung Market and the Junction Centre Naypyidaw. Two mid-size commercial centres are located in the area: a small one and a large one: and Capital, each with a grocery store and a restaurant. There are a few villa-style properties in the area, located in the suburban hill.

Currently there are twelve in or near Naypyidaw. There are eight of them within the Naypyidaw Hotel Zone. There are 100 rooms at the Hotel Naypyitaw (US$60-80). There will be Yangon services from 0800, 1154, 2000, 2036, 2251. There' s one daily departing Naypyidaw at 05:00.

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