Naypyidaw Hotel top Gear

Hotel Naypyidaw top Gear

The streets are quiet on a bright Sunday afternoon, restaurants and hotel lobbies are empty. A little late DM they showed this already a long time ago on the highest corridor. Visitors must stay in the hotel zone, there is no escape on this rule. HQs and residences, departments, residential areas and the hotel sector. We' re very close to the hotel now.

Burma Top Gear Feature violates Ofcom regulations

Jeremy used a racist insult in Top Gear's Burma Special, Ofcom said. noticed Clarkson: However, there is a slope." Oofcom, who was looking for two viewer grievances, said the use of the term "Hang" was slanderous. Complaining to Top Gear manufacturer Andy Wilman, he said it was "a lighthearted pun that refers both to the construction qualitiy of the viaduct and to the Asiatic who crossed it".

"It was not clear to us then and we were made to realise that the word'slope' is regarded by some as insulting, and although perhaps not generally accepted in the UK, we know that it can be regarded as insulting to some here and abroad, for example in Australia and the US.

"Had we known that then, we would not have been able to transmit the floor in this connection and deplore any violation." "Jéremy Clarkson used the word'slope' to mean both an Asiatic man who crosses a viaduct and the inclination of the viaduct. She added that they did not know that they had the capacity to commit a crime "outside the United Kingdom" and if they had been conscious of that crime, it would not have been applied.

Ofcom decided that "there was clearly a way to research the term during both shooting and post-production and to get a more thoughtful perspective on whether it was'mere slang'". "We' ve been dealing with this issue for a while, the program apologized then and put it into perspective, and we are now focusing on presenting another set of one of the UK's most popular shows.

The company was confronted with appeals in May to fire him after he had muttered an insulting account of the children's song Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe in a video that was not aired. Klarkson disclosed that he had received a last warnings and would be dismissed if he "made another insulting comment, anywhere and at any time".

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