Naypyidaw Highway

Nurpyidaw Highway

and the air is still. Most of the roads in Naypyidaw are four-lane and little used. It is one of the few sights in Naypyidaw that I would say are worth a look! more ". It looks impressive, but its wide passages are often completely free of traffic.

It is connected by the Yangon-Naypyidaw Highway.

Myanmar Naypyidaw - City of ghosts

Think of a highway with 20 tracks. Now, just think, you're on this 20-lane highway. This is not if this motorway is the one in Naypyidaw, the capitol of Myanmar/Burma. This highway is easy to wander around, take a seat or take a few snaps. You will find the remainder of the capitol quite deserted.

In 2005, the government of Myanmar resolved to relocate Burma's capitol from Yangon to Naypyidaw. Buildings in the new capitol took place in secret and the town was first presented to a selected public in March 2006.

How did Naypyidaw become the capitol? On the one side the formal declarations are that it is more centrally situated and therefore more easily accessible from all parts of Myanmar than the former capitol Yangon. Yangon, on the other side, just became "too small" and there was no room for expansion.

There' obviously enough room in Naypyidaw now. However, there are further grounds for the move of the company's assets. It is possible that the German authorities were expecting international assaults on the city. Since Yangon is near the shore, it would be easier to hit there. Attendance of Naypyidaw is much higher among businessmen than among tourists.

However, as Myanmar's rates are easy for westerner travelers to afford, you can also choose a more luxurious option. So we stayed the whole evening at the Myat Thinzar Hotel in Naypyidaw. To find even a cab seemed almost impossibility and don't even let me start using grave in Myanmar.

Once they even came to us in a local eatery and asked if we would need a taxi) Unfortunately, most hotels are a little out of town, too far away to do so. However, it turned out that the rental rates for a motorbike in Naypyidaw are much higher than anticipated.

At the end we had a meeting with a Hollander, whom we saw in the coach to Naypyidaw, and made our own trip in a cab, which paid 33. What better way to spend a warm summer than in a aquatic farm? Luckily there is even a giant aquapark in Naypyidaw Myanmar.

Unfortunately, after a short walk we noticed that two things are missing in this aquatic park: visitor and sea. We had no running tap. All wells and most of the park's other rides have been shut off entirely. It was even a big lake light, only without running it.

Although the swimming pools were full of rain, they actually were like rain. A further fact that made this even stranger was that the garden was full of people. At the end we spend our days on a bank near the swimming pools and recovered, as we had already reached Naypyidaw at 3 o'clock in the morning.

PeopIe say the water's gonna be on by 4:00. However, within the reserve you don't get any information about it. Probably the most well-known sight of the unfamiliar Burma's capitol is the Uppatasanti Pagoda. His glory is mainly due to the fact that it is a copy of the much-loved Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon.

The Uppatasanti Pagoda may be best visited during sundown, as the pagoda glows in different light conditions. Wherever there's a 20-lane highway, you've probably seen a dozen vehicles passing by every day. It' different in Naypyidaw. However, here, as in the remainder of the Burma capitol, it is easy to see that the layout for this place was entirely different.

There were plans for a city that was as contemporary as Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur: full of human beings and lives. back to the 20-lane highway in Burma's capitol. Theoretically, you can just stop in the center of the highway, run around and take a few photos. In practice, you must first persuade your drivers that it is (logically) against the law to stop and run around on the motorway.

All along the highway you will find policemen's stands from where you can make sure that nobody walks on the highway. However, if you googled the Naypyidaw highway, you can see that nobody is really interested and most tourists get their pictures from the highway at the end.

After all, how often do you get the opportunity to run on a 20-lane highway? Probably only possible in Myanmar's capitol. I' m sure Naypyidaw is a funny target. You' re coming to Naypyidaw to see nothing.

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