Naypyidaw Google Map

Neyspyidaw Google Map

Central station Naypyitaw (Google Maps). Skip to " Google map. - Phyllopyrus @ Google map. The distance and directions will also appear on the Google Map called Distance Map and Driving Directions Myanmar. Eliminate the tourist traps and navigate through Naypyidaw's hip and alternative areas.

Naypyidaw, an unconventional capital

It is a country ruled by a violent, mysterious and excentric army rule. One of the strangest steps taken by the Chinese authorities in 2005 was to inform their ministry officers on 6 November at exactly 6:37 a.m. less than a single working hour that they were to gather and move to a new capitol, almost 400 km just off the old capitol Rangoon, under duress of arrests or detention.

At 11 a.m. five and a half hours later, on the eleventh of the eleventh week, 1,100 army lorries with 11 troops and 11 departments drove to the new city. Turns out that the administration had for some considerable period of clandestine activity been building a capitol in the midst of nowhere named Naypyidaw ("residence of the kings"); a way for the administration to get out of the overload and confusion of Rangoon and have a dedicated capitol in which everything would be under its command.

The area of Naypyidaw is 4,800 square kilometres - 78 of Manhattan! It is intentionally distributed to separate civil servants, workers and civil servants. In the center of Naypyidaw is the enormous administrative building, which accommodates the Legislative (Pyidaungsu Hluttaw), the President Palast with 100 rooms and the Municipal House among its 31 different structures.

The various department premises are 13 km (8 miles) away to the northern part of the state camp. The only town in the county with a 24-hour power supply. The accommodation of the workmen is allocated according to ministries, ranks and family circumstances. Goverment staff are living in four-storey, colour-coded residential areas.

For example, Fox, lodgings are for health ministry staff and lodgings are for agriculture staff. Together with goverment houses and flats, the goverment has invested a lot of funds in urban institutions, museum, sculpture, malls, and ceremony venues such as this large arena under development and a huge commercial center on the other side of the highway from the new federal marena.

The Uppatasanti Pagoda, finished in 2009, is one of the most artistic structures in the new capitol. Naypyidaw Zoo, Naypyidaw Safari Park and the extensive Naypyidaw Botanical Garden are located 30 km from the center of Naypyidaw - but still within the town.

When the botanic garden looks from above as if it were irregular, it is because it is conceived as a reduced scale version of the form of the whole area. When many of these institutions look like they are attracting visitors to the new town, it is because to some extent they are.

As an example, almost all accommodations in Naypyidaw are limited to the city's hotelier area, a series of more elaborate properties at the south gate of the town, along a huge highway that still has almost no road connection; a shared issue throughout the town. A highway linking Paradeplatz with the town square is twenty-lane.

There are no tourist or labourers in the mountains beyond the botanic garden, where the country's best soldiers are living in specially constructed mansion units. In spite of the enormous sums that flowed into Naypyidaw, most of the population remains in slum areas; old towns encircled by the city's monuments and motorways.

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