Naypyidaw Capital

The capital of Naypyidaw

As foreseen in the Constitution, it is administered as Naypyidaw Union Territory. Taking a bus to Naypyidaw is difficult. Dining out near Excel Capital Hotel, Naypyidaw on TripAdvisor: Naypyidaw - How to get there? The Excel Capital Hotel is located in Naypyidaw.


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Naypyidaw, Myanmar - Excel Capital Hotels Rating

I' m always fighting in space with my mates. When you can't get away from the anats that come onto your crib, it is advisable to keep the bedtress away from the walls and the desk. Breakfasts had different kinds of Myanmar foods every single morning, which is astonishing. Though all the Nayphitaws are too expensive, I think they can do better.

Did anyone visit the new capital of Myanmar, Naypyidaw?

For me the most interesting part was to see a brandnew capital with its fashionable administration houses, as well as numerous residences, multilane motorways and huge traffic circles. There are some interesting places, a motel has a railway and a jets aircraft on the premises, which can be used as canteens.

Near the gym, the gems factory is definitely to be visited, $5 entrance fees, chunks of grass and a lot of sun. It was not the botanic garden or animal park that we visited, but the elephant population. Beautiful place, indoor and outdoor pools, on such a large area that prams will bring you and your baggage to your rooms.

Extremely comfortable and contemporary rooms. State-of-the-art grocery store with a good selection of meals and beverages. For example, you had the option of purchasing Coca-Cola tins produced in Thailand or the USA, although the US tins were slightly more costly. It is an interesting town for a stopover for one overnight if you have your own transportation.

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