Naypyidaw Attractions

Attractions of Naypyidaw

The highway was the main attraction in Naypyidaw for me. Don't miss any attractions in Naypyidaw, Myanmar. Wasserbrunnenpark is worth a visit and is best seen at sunset; the main attraction is a fountain show, where the fountains dance to the beat of the music. Her hotel room is located near the heart of Naypyidaw and only a few blocks from the most popular tourist attractions.

Its main attraction is the air-conditioned penguin house.

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Solo-travel destination: Naypyidaw, Myanmar

We' re happy to present a new post by Eva, a member of the EU's EU member group. Eve comes from Sweden and has presented the following Naypyidaw story. Have you got a single holiday you would like to suggest? Naypyidaw hotels look like small, upper class town.

Naypyidaw? So, you've never even met Naypyidaw? Neither did I until someone told me when I visited Yangon (formerly Rangoon). Nonpyidaw a. k. a. Nay Pyi Taw (this is not a typing error - T is the offical spelling), or NPT for briefly, is Myanmar's new city. Messages should come.

10 years later, all the messages are still in Rangoon (the former capital), except for one: the Bangladesh message. The NPT was constructed for only one purpose: as the capitol and site of the President's Palaces, the parliamentary buildings, the governing bodies, the diplomatic missions, the army headquarters and everything else that is needed to run a state.

It has 6-8 lanes and neatly cobbled pavements with beautiful plant life, beautiful tree life, beautiful flower life and well-kept green. There' s even an accurate re-creation (well, one metre shorter) of Myanmar's Stolz, the powerful Shwedagon Pagoda of Rangoon for contemplative spirituality and beautiful recreational parklands.

Pickpockets, bandits, scammers, crooks and even traders are out. You will be the only one to cross the roads, in the truest sense of the word. Uppatasanti Pagoda is an almost abandoned copy (1 metre shorter) of the crowded Shwedagon Pagoda. State-run establishments are grouped in one road, messages in another, all departments in a third and all properties in another.

Like everything else in Naypyidaw, all these facilities, all of them are oversized and constructed in large areas. They don't checked into a casingless motel confined between two other houses like elsewhere in Southeast Asia, but into a small city with bungalows or villas that remind me more of a well-kept neighbourhood than a motel.

In order to move around or go for breakfasts, you have to call a pushchair, but if you plan to have a drinks with your neighbour, you have to take a cab, as the road is at least 20 kilometres long. While praying in the evenings I attended the Uppatasanti Pagoda and was fortunate enough to encounter few believers.

There' s no target within range. Cycling is possible, but it can take two hour or more, according to your position on the road to your goal. There are no homes, no stores, no restaurants, there are no traders, no other walkers, not even straying cats.

The sense of liberty when riding on an empty 12-14 lanes road is inexpressible. There were a few in the shopping centre and a few more at the square and then some in the Uppatasanti Pagoda during the soirees. That' s what makes Naypyidaw the most thrilling and most cool haunted town in the world.

Naypyidaw is the only place in the whole wide globe where you can drive for 12-13 lanes (roads, not highways) for an hour without hitting another souls. Naypyidaw alone should get a place on every pailinglist. Looking over Naypyidaw from the top of the cloakroom.

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