Naypyidaw Airport Myanmar

Myanmar Naypyidaw Airport

International Airport Naypyidaw (Naypyidaw, Myanmar). Naypyidaw, Myanmar. Naypyidaw flights from airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, United, JetBlue, Frontier and others. Locate airports near Naypyidaw, Myanmar. Naypyidaw Airport, Myanmar, latitude, longitude, altitude, IATA code, GPS code and city.

iata nyt (icao vyel), formally known as nay pyi taw international airport, is the airport that serves Myanmar's (also known as Burma) capitol, naypyidaw.

iata nyt (icao vyel), formally known as nay pyi taw international airport, is the airport that serves Myanmar's (also known as Burma) capitol, naypyidaw. The airport is about 30 km from the center of the town. Burma's capitol Naypyidaw is also known as the country's "ghost town".

Naypyidaw is very big, like six New York cities (to have an idea), but Naypyidaw has only 2% of Myanmar's people. Situated in the center of the town is the gold sanctuary in honour of the gods. The NYT (Naypyidaw International Airport) has a large, one-of-a-kind terminal.

There is no local transport from NYT airport to Naypyidaw. Rent a Car: Hiring a vehicle in Naypyidaw is a good way to find your best options with our searching engin. Taxicabs: In the arrival area of Naypyidaw International t Airport you will find a large number of cabs.

The town of Naypyidaw is situated in the heart of Burma, one of the impoverished lands of Southeast Asia, also known as Myanmar. A few years ago, Burma heralded that the country's capitol would move from its Rangoon headquarters to the rebuilt community of Naypyidaw.

Nanaypyidaw Airport

Prior to the founding of Naypyidaw, this was called the airport of the city of Pyinmana. This airport is currently in a large development phase, which will allow it to expand 3.

yearly until 2011. Naypyidaw International Airport was designed by CPG Consultants Pte. Yangon International Airport and Changi Airport of Singapore as well as several Vietnamese and Lao international airport projects. Work at the airport is being undertaken by the Asia World Companys.

By the end of the project, the airport will have 2 take-off and landing strips and 3 terminal buildings with state-of-the-art equipment. After the three stages, the airport is scheduled. The 17,174 sq. m. area of the principal building and the 5912 sq. m. area of the northern part.

Covering 63,000 sqm, the groundfloor, top and first floors of the entire school. This airport terminal is a two-storey structure with bored ferroconcrete posts. Westhalle is for locals, Osthalle and Nordhalle for internationals.

There are two ways / four tracks to the airport, 1500 metres long. This multi-storey vehicle park is 200 by 107 metres in size and has a surface area of 21,400 sqm. In the second stage, the airport will have a 1200 foot x 1200 foot ramp in front of the existing airport terminal, an airport ramp where V. I. P. planes will land and four other passenger jetways at the airport terminal, a hospitality facility, a goverment centre and an airport service area.

Stage 3 comprises 17 additional passenger jetways, a 1200 x 100 feet double lane running alongside the airport structure, a 12,000 x 100 feet take-off and landing strip in front of the airport structure, a 12,000 x 100 feet double lane running alongside, four 650 x 100 feet taxiways, four 550 x 100 feet taxiways and a freighter area.

When the third stage is complete, the airport will be able to launch the 10th edition. The airport will carry 5 million travellers a year and will be more advanced and demanding than Yangon International Airport and Mandalay International Airport.

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