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One of the strangest cities in the world. It' s ABANDONED CITY & no body lives there anymore. Nova, Abandoned, Ears, Cities, Vineyards, Abandoned Places. Everything underground, forbidden, inaccessible or abandoned. Naypyidaw then quickly transforms from an abandoned place into a vibrant city.

Myanmar: Abandoned building site in Naypyidaw - Myanmar

Work in Burma's Naypyidaw is virtually at a complete halt, and many houses have been constructed halfway because contractors have moved to the Irrawaddy River to help rebuild after Cyclone Nargis, according to Pyinmana and Naypyidaw in mainland Burma. All building was abandoned in accordance with the government's encouraging to help with the rehabilitation," said an Naypyidaw City and Development Committee (NCDC) officer, who did not want to be called.

They went to the Danube and Rangoon to re-build houses and renovate facilities, even the parliamentary house was abandoned," he said. Prior to the May 2 and 3 cyclones, many administrative structures were built in Naypyidaw, as well as Yardaw Mingalar Market and Naypyidaw Sta. In response to the high level of interest in the relocation of administration office, housing for civil servants and other facilities to enable a growing populace, Naypyidaw has seen a dramatic increase in housing since the company's move to the Rangoon-based Burma capitol in November 2005.

Since the second weekend of May, however, an estimate of 80 per cent of the work has been moved to areas affected by the hurricane, with the result that employees in Naypyidaw were unemployed or compelled to relocate with their contractors. Building contractors are charged by the lending state banks per sqm. Naypyidaw builders received at least 1,500 kyats ($1.25) per working hour.

I couldn't get a position with my employer in Naypyidaw. Building labourers in Naypyidaw would often remain unsalaried by their firms for several month, even if the work was tedious and sometimes hazardous, according to the artist. A minimum of 25 businesses and up to 80,000 builders from all over Burma worked on the new city.

Large corporations today cannot get cash from the state owned banks, so they have no cash to buy the subcontractor," said a resource near a building contractor. A number of contractors work on a subcontracting base for the major contractors such as Asia World and Htoo Ltd, who have been awarded profitable building projects by the UK authorities, she added.

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