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Toe is a three-time film actor and comedian with the traditional Burmese dance group Htawara Hninzi. Toe is a three-time film actor and comedian with the traditional Burmese dance group Htawara Hninzi. Nay Toe's character and makeover by Khin Lay Article Translation: Christinamoo's Nay Toe. Screenplays. Sprites.

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Nay Toe's character and makeover

In the last movies the actress Nay Toe has redesigned his actors. Nay Toe always tries to represent the best side of personality after the succes of his first work. It could be that the public doesn't see my rejuvenation, as they focus mainly on the action.

I wanted to do my best to present my personality in every possible way. and that' s my profession. "In addition to makeovers, Nay Toe also extended his parts and showed his double pages in the movie "Mone Swal".

and Nay Toe's ambitions.

Now he is making his know-how available: a small movie studios is in the pipeline to pass on his expertise in the field of cinema. He said in this conversation that he wants to take Myanmar's movie business to another plane through the South Dagon Myotthit studios. What is the movie repair shop you are going to do?

You can also repair a vehicle in a garage, but there is no movie-making. There''s no places to do movie tests. There are many problems when we use the device for the first case at the adjustments. I have a camera and cutting shop in one place.

Here screenwriters, producers and engineers can work out their own projects before deciding on a new one. Do you share your know-how with someone? I' ve been studying what we can do with the gear before we buy it. Sometimes I borrowed my gear and had to tell them how it works.

It' a kind of exchange of know-how. Do you need good preparation for the screenplay and the shooting technique to make a good movie? Actually, our work is beginning to be more like an internationally produced one. This year, I think the movie business has evolved dramatically with the advent of new technologies. Movie technics and gear are really crucial[for the movie industry].

It' s important to have interesting tales to show to the world. However, our technologies do not comply with global norms. At the same token, we comply with the latest global furnishing requirements. Preparations are underway for a new act regulating the movie business. You have been in the business for a long while, how do you keep your balance?

In order to make sure our movies are up to date, we need to modify the screenplays, our drama and the whole game. This will only be done if the sector is subject to genuine reforms. In order to do this, everyone in the sector has to adapt. I worked so much, I didn't have much of a chance to make it.

I' ll be sharing good tidings with them when the season is right.

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