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Noay on Pay: Stockholders say no to four compensation schemes (so far)

Understanding the complexity of managerial pay. However, the Dodd-Frank law made "say on pay" voting obligatory for the first year. With the start of the prop season, stockholders have already chosen to vote against four stock option programs, which shows that they are concerned and that they make enough distinction to see the distinction between a stock option program that can be exaggerated and a program that has a significant adverse effect on the value of the company.

At any rate, the individual offences were divided into different classes, which proves that the stockholders do not apply uniformity. There is also no reason to say that the stockholders would be voting in one bloc, as required by the ISS. Earlier figures showed that the ISS did not recommend voting on 12 per cent of salary suggestions. However, only four have (so far) received "nay on pay" credit.

Have a look at the remuneration schemes against which the stockholders and the members of the Remuneration Committees who adopted them vote. Another legend to calm - the assertion that no voices would come about the payment of a small group of activist. For example, Beazer holds almost 15 per cent of Fidelity shares and 81 per cent are owned by institutional investors.

The Shuffle Group has more than 87 per cent of the shares held by institutions. In fact, these early yields suggest that property can be as important a no' factor as the relationship between remuneration and benefit. Those who are most and best concerned about the effects of excess remuneration on shareholders' value are the same number crackers who make buy-sell-hold choices.

Lastly, the overcompensation is gradually being put to the test.

There is no salary increase scheme for officials

av _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm.push(["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024292", "InPage_1512024292"]); var _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm. push (["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024269", "InPage_1512024269"]); There are no salary increases for officials, although the new administration is in its second year. U Maung Maung Win, Assistant Secretary of State for Planing and Finances, said that a pay rise would require a re-examination and all issues to be taken into account.

"We have no such plan at the moment, but we will deal with the well-being of officials," he said to Pyithu Hluttaw on May 25. Pyithu Hluttaw's deputy U Maung Myint, from the town of Minkin in the region of Sagaing, who was a then trade unions secretary under the former government's mandate, said her administration had increased officials' salaries fourfold during the five-year mandate.

Myanmar's public servants' salaries have been increased nine fold since the end of 1988 due to rising user rates and pay rises have been implemented four fold under the management of former Pres. U Thein Sein. The deputy secretary U Maung Maung Win said the current cabinet could not make any plan for a pay rise, but it always checked payroll expenditures, bonuses and remunerations to which officials were eligible and how many employees should be hired.

In spite of an increased fiscal revenues, said U Maung Maung Win, the countrys exports of oil and coal, zinc and other minerals have declined, in excess of this, he added that it is the right moment to reduce old debt and the administration is also trying to revive the industry while stimulating the exports industry and reduce unneeded import.

Maung Myint said officials are facing problems as rates of price increases and consumption remain high under the current administration. "It has been more than a year since President U Htin Kyaw's administration took over. They can' do anything for officials. Simultaneously, there is such high levels of annual unemployment that their salaries can no longer meet the cost of living," he said.

It also rejected the claim that its call for an increase in pay for officials was an effort to make a profit politically as the country's economies slowed under the new state. "What I have introduced is on the officials' side, because the authorities have shown no interest in charging more," he said.

In a news briefing to mark the first year of the new administration, the executive committee of the Union for Public Services said that the number of officials was almost one million.

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