Nawat Crow

White-necked Crow

Near-waht was a former crow Aly met during her stay in Tanair. In this capacity, he helped by using the help of other crows fighting with the Rakas as soldiers in human bodies under Nawat's command. At the same time, we spend quite a long time in Nawat's head as he is busy being the father of newborn triplet babies. Since their father was originally a crow, do the triplets retain any bird characteristics? In this fictional film, I don't own Aly, Nawat or any other characters.

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In this capacity he assisted by using the help of other crow who were fighting with the Rakas as men in mortal corpses under Nawat's commands..... He was his first man hood boyfriend and they got in loving contact and finally got hitched. The Nawat was bred as a crow on the copper islands around 459 or 460 HE.

During this period, the crow made a deal with the Trickster gods around a chain. For Aly, the agreement was to keep the Balitang kids afloat until the end of the summers, but the crow consented to help, as it was part of her own agreement. Kyprioth asked him to tell Aly how to speak.

He was very interested in her and quickly seemed to feel kind to her. Even defending them against the other crow when they criticized Aly's gradual advancement. There were indications that Nawat might have fell in Love with Aly before he became a man, which explains his readiness to help Aly and her "herd mates".

A few and a half hours after becoming a man, he remained away because he was not used to the new physical form and needed a little bit of training to become a man. However, Nawat did not react to her approach and only had an eye for Aly. When the Balitangs came back to Rajmuat and the Rakas started their rebellions, Nawat also caused the crow to revolt against the troops.

The reason Nawat was injured was that Aly did not consider him a true man, which led to Nawat leaving Rajmuat and fighting for some considerable period as a true man among the Rakas. So Nawat could feel that something was different about her when she was brought up. Discovering that she was going to be a midget, he had to struggle with the desires of his old herd and his crow-like intuition that led him to kill his baby.

Nawat knew, however, that people would not eradicate their babies and that Aly would never pardon him. He turned away from the Rajmuat group. with a paler tan than the Rakas. A crow and in his first few years as a man, Nawat was very frisky and his virginity borders on that of a family.

Neither did he know anything about man's habits, so he often entertained Aly with his view. Aly and was wounded by her unwillingness to continue her relation, which prompted Nawat to abandon Rajmuat for some period of his life and struggle as a true man among the Rakas.

He is fast and gracious. He has been seen in Trickster's Choose many often as he eats beetles, but eventually he ends up in the period between the first and the second book. He is particularly good at feathering darts using feathered and stormed pens that can be used to slay magicians.

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