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Tsarevlei Yet Yet Set, Right.

Philuket riot squad caught Taiwanese for purchasing more than one account

The Kathu PD has detained a man from Taiwan who has tried to recruit 12 Thais to open ATM card bank account for "financial transactions". Someone in 12 told the cops. Chen Yuchung, 33, was detained just before he left his Patong lodging to drive to Phuket International Airport.

Admitting that he had recruited Thais to open several banks in Thailand. Twelve banking gateways were opened in the Jungceylon and Central Festival Phuket Mall. Between B5,000 and B7,000 each of the 12 persons was used to open an office space. Sawaar Taebut, 47, who was bid B6,000, told Chen's rapprochement with the Kathu PD.

At the time of his arrest, Chen was found in possession of five Kasikornbank ATMs, for three banking ledgers in the names of Tom Onkaew, Moe Thidarwin and Suwarot Taebut, six banking and one banking ledger in the names of Naw Li Zar and one Siam Commercial ATMs.

He himself said to the cops that he had no clue what the money was being used for.

Replacement DJ Bus Service

This is a weeklong mixing session by Thris Tian. The world' s new musical world this weekend comes from the strange and beautiful DJ Bus Replacement Service. The DJ Bus Replacement Service examines the darkest parts of the net and can be considered one of the deeper excavators out there. In a leading rubber gown, truly named Doris Woo, she performs a set of fierce, strange and beautifully unfamiliar sounds to lift the hair of her audience.

Inspired by Dr. Demento and The Annoying Musik Show, DJ BRS enjoys playing non-conventional and fake intonation.


Tungoo (Burmese: ????????????; MLCTS: tung ngomrui. aka Toungoo) is a district town in the Bago region of Myanmar, 220 km from Yangon, towards the northeast end of the divide, with mountains to the west and northwest. Well-known for its palm trees, the town has been identified with a "Betel fan who wins a visit to Taungoo" as a saying for sudden happiness.

Burma is renowned in Burma's rich past for the Taungoo dynasty, which lasted 200 years between the sixteenth and eighteenth century. The Taungoo was the capitol of Burma in the years 1510-1539 and 1551-1552. The Hanthawaddy United Football Club is located in Taungoo. Tabinshwehti and Bayinnaung, Mingyi Nyo's followers, founded the biggest kingdom in the annals of Southeast Asia.

Taungoo's mission as capitol, however, was short-lived. In 1539 Tabinshwehti transferred the capitol of the empire to Pegu (Bago). In 1599 the town briefly became the rebel again, when Minye Thihathu II of Taungoo proclaimed himself emperor. When Natshinnaung climbed the Taungoo-Thron in 1609, the rebel city-state stayed completely unaffiliated for another 10 years.

The following year King Anaukpetlun conquered Taungoo and ended the long ruling line of the town. The Taungoo has a savannah climatic (Köppen class Aw) and borders on a tropic moon climatic (Köppen class Am). Taungoo has an approximate 121,000 inhabitants. 1 ] The people were 66,000 in 1983, when the last Myanmar officially censored.

7 ] The Bamar (Burmese) form the overwhelming part of the Kayin (Karen) people on the east side of the town. In Taungoo there are a number of Karen Christian Associations and 15 church outposts. To Taungoo the most important transportation possibilities are by train and highways. Taungoo train is located on the Myanmar Railways major northern line and Taungoo Highway terminal is serviced by local coaches.

The Taungoo is the only one in the region. Urban traffic is mainly served by a ring rail line that runs around the Taungoo District and by buses serving the inner and suburbs: There are eight grammar school in Taungoo: see the Taungoo grammar school census. or MTV1 - Transmissions in Burmaese.

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