Natural Beauty of Myanmar

Myanmar's natural beauty

Shwedagon and the surrounding shrines are the most beautiful during sunset time, as the golden stupa reflects the changing colours of the twilight. Myanmar's natural beauty. The Natural Beauty Body Scrub is a biological product that can be used in daily life at any age of old, young and pregnant. The program is designed by exploring nature and combining it with culture. Hills where we can admire the beauty of Mandalay City, Shan Plateau, etc.

Myanmar's natural beauty

After your Arrive in Yangon our Corporate Leader will welcome you and take you to your accommodation. First of all the Sule Pagoda is included in the package. Around the pagoda, the town hall and other colorful farmhouses you will find many watchmakers and photography shops and astrologer palm shops. Further after BOTATAUNG PAGODA, called after the 1000 army chiefs who more than 2000 years ago were escorting Buddha relicts from India.

In Yangon, go to CHAUKHTATGYI PLAGODA, the lying Buddha. Eventually we head to SHWEDAGON PLAGODA, the climax of every trip to Yangon. Situated above the town, this is the holiest place in the land and was constructed to accommodate eight Buddha's curios. Shwedagon and the nearby shrine are the most attractive during sundown, as the gold Stupa mirrors the shifting colours of the sun.

Immediately after your morning meal, our airport transfer will take you on a plane to Kyaing Tong, the former Shan city. When you arrive, a vehicle will collect you and take you to your accommodation. Kyaing Tong sight-seeing begins with a trip to the Maha Myat Muni Pagoda, a Mandalay-styled Buddha picture, and then we go to a near-by convent where friars are praying and learning the Khun vernacular, a similar tongue to Northern Thailand.

There you have the chance to see a Hokyin town with Akha clans whose folk still wearing folk costume known for their sheaths. Our chauffeur will take you back to Kyaing Tong in the afternoons. You will be picked up at the guesthouse by our head of ward after a cosy and energy -laden buffet and taken on a hike through the Pin Tauk area.

Our guides will take you to a few hillside towns, some of which are situated on about 45%"steep" slopes (although it takes more than 30 minutes to get to doesn´t). Myanmar's nation is known to be the friendliest nation in Myanmar, and probably some of the friendliest tribes in the whole and South.

Our leader will take you back to Kyaing Tong in the evening. At the end of our trip we will take you to the main markets, where you will find more tribal peoples and beautiful craft. Later on, on your way to Wat Pha Jao and Laung Maha Muni Monastery in the city centre, you can go to a local Kyaing Tong styled paint shop.

In the early afternoons and after dinner you will be taken to Kyaing Tong airport for your flights to Heho. After your arrive in Heho, our airport guides will welcome you at the airport and take you to the Nyaug Shwe jetty, where a lovely ship is waiting for you to take a lovely trip to your accommodation.

When you arrive, you can unwind in the swimming pool in lakeside Inle. Following your breakfasts at the motel, the tour begins with a cruise across Lac Inle to Indein. On the way you will see swimming towns, lotus-petal weavers, the most sacred pageantry in Phaungdaw Oo Page.

There are five sacred Buddha pictures in this picture frame, which are fully gold-plated. Later you will be visiting Paw Khon and learning how to make silks. Late in the evenings, our guide will take you back to the motel and on the way you can watch the sun set from the pond.

In the early mornings, right after your breakfasts, you will have a nice early mornings on a return journey to the Nyaung Shwe jetty, where a vehicle is waiting for you to take you to Taunggyi. From the Tuanggyi Market and the Sulamani Pagoda. Our chauffeur will then return you to Heho airport so that you can fly back to Yangon.

Mornings, dependent on your arrival, we take you to Bogyoke Aung Markets (formerly Scott Market) for your purchases, where you will find many items and memorabilia. Later, when the timing is right, you will be taken to Yangon Airport for your takeoff.

Reception in the guesthouses. National flight ticket. Airport tax per person. Kyaing Tong offers trek guides at no extra charge. Burmese visa: In case you would like to eat (lunch and dinner) in a good restaurants or in a good nearby resort, please let us know so that we can make arrangements for you.

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