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list of nationalities

In the following you will find a list of countries with the corresponding nationality. A list of nationalities and countries in English can be found on the website of the list of nationalities. The list includes English country names and their etymologies. Below is a list of countries that allow and do not allow dual citizenship. Printable list in PDF format.


Nationals: "English" - "British" - "Bruneian" - "Bulgarian" - "Burkinabe" - "Burmese" - "Burundian" - "Cambodian" - "Cameroonian" - "Canadian" - "Cape Verde" - "Central African" - "Chadian" - "Chilean" - "Chilean "Cypriots" - "Chinese" - "Colombian" - "Comoros" - "Congolese" - "Costa Rican" - "Croats" - "Cubans" - "Cypriots" - "Czechs" - "Danes" - "Djibouti" - "Dominicans" - "Djibouti".

"dutchman" - "dutchwoman" - "dutchman" - "East Timorese" - "Ecuadorian" - "Egyptian" - "emirer" - "equatorial guinean" - "Eritrean" - "estonian" - "ethiopian" - "fijian" - "fijian "Filipino" - "Finnish" - "French" - "Gabonese" - "Gambian" - "Georgian" - "German" - "Ghanaian" - "Greek" - "Grenadian" - "Guatemalan" - "Guinea-Bissau" - "Guinean" - "Guyanese" - "Guyanese

"Hercegovinian" - "Honduran" - "Hungarian" - "I-Kiribati" - "Icelandic" - "Indian" - "Indonesian" - "Iranian" - "Iraqi" - "Irish" - "Irish" - "Israeli" - "Italian" - "Italian "Dutch" - "New Zealanders" - "Ni-Vanuatu" - "Nicaraguans" - "Nigerians" - "Nigerians" - "North Koreans" - "Northern Irish" - "Norwegians" - "Omanians" - "Pakistanis" - "Palauans" - "Palestinians

"Dominican" - "Papua New Guinea" - "Paraguayan" - "Peruvian" - "Polish" - "Portuguese" - "Qatar" - "Romanian" - "Russian" - "Rwandan" - "Saint Lucian" - "Salvadorian" - "Spanish "Southafrica" - "South Korea" - "Spanish" - "Sri Lankan" - "Sudanese" - "Surinamese" - "Swazi" - "Swedish" - "Switzerland" - "Syrian" - "Taiwanese" - "Syrian

"Venezuela " - "Vietnamese" - "Welsh" - "Welsh" - "Yemeni" - "Zambian" - "Zimbabwean" It's getting late to create a list of nations that you can use in a webapp.

Nationality, Language, Country and Region - English Grammar Today

If we relate to a particular confederation or area, we can use it: In general, the name of a local jargon is the same as the name of the local jargon. Use an uppercase when referring to a nationality, tongue, nationality and region: If we are talking about the United Kingdom (UK), English is not the same as English.

The English language is not used for Scots, Welsh or North-Ireland. The United Kingdom covers the territories of England, Scotland and Wales. United Kingdom covers England, Scotland, Wales and the six provinces of North-Ireland. A number of northerners call themselves Britons in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and North-Ireland.

Anyone from Northern Ireland, however, has the right to citizenship of Ireland and may be in possession of an Irish identity card. The word is also used to describe the people of the Republic of Ireland. Scotland itself prefers the word scouts and it is also used in Scotsman and Scotswoman. Scotch is used to describe Scotch only as a source of good eating and drinking, e.g. Scotch-Bread.

Today we use the Britons' substantive only to relate to the old strains that used to live in Britain: Abbreviated English, Brit, is often used as a substantive (or less frequently an adjective) in the journalist and informational styles to relate to the British: Arabian is the official jargon for the languages we use in Arabian languages; the usual adjectives are Arabian (e.g. the Arabian world, the Arabian press).

Usually the single substantive is the same as the adjective such as Moroccan, and the plurals are the same as the +s suffix such as Moroccans. Certain states have this as part of their name, for example the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates.

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