Citizenships and countries for company registration. This is our standard list of nationalities and countries. Many rules and regulations exist about immigration and nationality, and they change often. Discrimination against a child without nationality can last a lifetime. Their nationality is the country from which they come: Americans, Canadians and Russians are all nationalities.

Nationality and country for registration of companies

This is our default nationality and country listing. We may refuse your registration if you do not do so. October 20, 2017 Added country listing. October 16, 2017 First released. Do not provide anything personally or financially sensitive, such as your national insurance number or your bank account information. We' ll give you a feed-back request via a hyperlink.

Don't be afraid, we won't give your e-mail adress to anyone or even to you. You do not have an e-mail adress?

Citizenship Documents Collection Services

Nationality returns services allow you to keep your records while your on-line UK nationality applications are being handled. You and your host families can take your documentation back to a participant community office for duplication and then ship it to the Ministry of the Interior on your behalf. 2.

You can keep your records while your request for UK nationality is being dealt with. If you apply for UK nationality on-line, you can use this feature. They can also accept members of your relatives who are part of your on-line job/resume. In order to make an appointement for using this services, you must get in touch with a municipal agency.

Appointments must be made within 10 working day of submission of your on-line job offer. Perhaps you would like to verify your availablility before you send in your resume. If you do not participate in a meeting or if you do not send in your originals within 10 working day, your resume will be declined.

You, and all your relatives who have accepted your on-line job applications, should personally be there. You will be told by the municipality what fees you will have to cover for the use of this ministry. At the same it is possible to request a UK citizenship card and submit your documentation via the Nationality Certificate Returnservice.

If your personal data does not coincide with your ID card, you cannot request a valid one. If the information does not agree, any request may be rejected with a UK pass. If you are applying for a UK nationality card, your home office can advise you by using the returnservice.

If, at the same moment as your relatives become naturalised, you wish to obtain a valid identity card, anyone over the ages of 15 years and 6 month must personally participate in the event. At the same and the same date, if you are requesting a UK identity card, you must also have one: a UK passport:

You may be contacted by the Ministry of the Interior to ask for further or genuine information to help us identify your resume. Failure to provide the required materials by the Ministry of the Interior within the time limit may result in your resume being rejected. Using the returns option does not mean that your resume will be a success.

It is your own responsability to make sure that you can fulfill the requirement and provide the appropriate documents before submitting an enquiry.

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