Nationalities in French

French nationalities

Most nationalities are identical to their respective languages. The: American. The: Spaniard. The: Italian. The: German.

The Russian. The : Moroccan. Algeria. Here is a list of some common nationalities in French. In this audio lesson you will find a vocabulary list of French nationalities!


Each land and every continents has an adjective to describe things and places from this place..... They can also be used as a noun to relate to people from this place with a small change: French capitalizes nationalities when used as a noun, but not when used as a noun.

I' m not French. I' m not French. I have a French automobile. I have a French automobile. I know a French girl. These are some nationalities and "continentalities" that you should perhaps know.

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The knowledge of the name of different nationalities (les nationalit├ęs) not only allows you to tell something about yourself, but also helps you to get to know the people you are speaking to better, especially if they are foreigners. Note: If the name of the suffix of the citizenship ends with"-e", the term remains the same.

Contrary to the German alphabet, the nationality numbers are in lower case not! Nationalities in French: They can also study the French name of the country that belongs to the name of these nationalities.

Names of French countries, nationalities and tongues

The use of the name of a nation all over the globe is quite simple once you have learned it by heart. That is a simple lexicon, because the French name is very similar to what they say in English. But the only difficult part is that you use the right premositions that vary with the sex of the land or continents you are talking about.

In addition to the name of the land, we are learning the words that describe the nationalities of the inhabitants of a land and the name of the main language. We will also check the continental name. Please be aware that the extra characters needed to make nationalities and terms female are shown in brackets after the corresponding words.

The seven corners of the globe exist; seven are currently the dominant conventions, while some nations have six and others five. Note the similarity between the French and German name. A very long schedule would be to involve all the nations of the globe, so only a small sample is contained in this unit.

Its purpose is to give you an impression of how English and French are interpreted into and out of the country, nationality and language; it is meant to be an indication rather than a complete country-listing. However, we have a complete listing of French titles for the other parts of the globe, which you should consider carefully.

In the case of nationalities, the first name and adjacent words are exactly the same, except that the first name is written in capital letters, while the adjacent word is not capitalised. You' ll also find that the male adjectives for many of these are written and spoken exactly like the language. There are only the main language versions for each language in the table, although many of them have multilingual people.

Please also be aware that the language name is always male and not uppercase.

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