National Tree of Myanmar

Myanmar National Tree

The rosewood is the national tree and not the Thanaka tree. Padauk's golden fragrant flowers are also known as Myanmar's national flower. Padauk is a national flower of Myanmar. When in blossom, the whole tree turns to gold overnight. Burma seems to have no national tree, neither popular nor officially adopted.

The Htanaung tree (Acacia leucophloea) of Myanmar

As you travel around Myanmar, you will find that there are some very important tree species for the Myanmar tribe that grow wherever we have been. One of them is of course the Thanaka tree (Limonia acidissima). This is the tree from which Thanaka is made, which is used by most of Burma's females for aesthetic and cosmetics use.

Its second tree is Burma Padauk, also known as the Pterocarpus Macocarpus. It is the most commonly used tree in Burma woodcarving and handicraft. The large dimensions and the thick timber make it ideal for furnishings. Amazingly (maybe just for me) it is the rose forest of Burma that is the national tree and not the Thanaka tree.

A third tree that catches the eye is one that looks better adapted to the African plain than to Southeast Asian tropics. It' the Htanaung tree (Acacia leucophloea). Its rind is large, expansive acacia leucophloe, marbling from whitish to yellowish-grey with a mixture of black and red.

It seems to turn and turn in the sky as it finally creates the broad, umbrella-like crest that is typical of old growth. It is so impressive that it can be found in the Myanmar countryside. All the tree wants to be done is pictures. Sweet acacia leucophloe is a constituent of arid woods, savannahs and brushwood.

Htanaung tree is used for many different occasions for the Myanmar population. Lecophloea acacia cortex is used to cure a broad range of diseases, which include gastro-intestinal and pulmonary diseases. It is used for fueling, charcoaling and interior finishing. Appealing deep reddish brown timber is also used in cabinetmaking.

Juice of acacia leucophloe is the main component of Myanmar's much-loved colorful and cut Myanmar lacquer. Here are some of my favourite pictures of Acacia Lecophloea I took while travelling around Myanmar. The Htanaung trees in Mahar Gandar Yone Monastery in Mandalay.

Here hundrets of Buddhistic friars queue up for their everyday ritual: eating and being taken pictures by tourist herds. At the Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort in Old Bagan. The Htanaung tree at the Mani Sithu Market in Nyaung-U (just outside Old Bagan). One of the high points of my whole journey to Myanmar.

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