National Registration Card Myanmar

Myanmar National Registration Card

A sample of the Myanmar National Registration Card from the publication: Myanmar National Registration Card format prefix. The research focuses on identifying the holder of the Myanmar National Registration Card (NRC). and National Registration. Accompanying documents to be submitted when applying for the Citizenship Scrutiny Card.

Burmese citizen embraces the use of electronic identity

Myanmar's federal administration has switched to the use of digitized media and replaced its registration card with two of its cities' IDs. People over 18 in Naypyidaw - Myanmar's capitol - and Mandalay will use chip-card technology with stored information as a means of identifying themselves and phase out paper-based IDs.

"Replacing national registration cards with smartcards is a top eGovernment priority," said U Thein Swe, trade union minister at the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population, according to The Irrawaddy. Fingerprints, ophthalmic scans and photographs were gathered for the unique RFID tag.

He said the state is open to learn from neighboring states, those already using IDs and technology companies. After the start, the system will also be introduced in other German states and regions. Of 53 million Myanmarans, 37 million have a registration card on hard copy, he said.

Smart' ID is introduced in 4 test areas

In some countries and territories, a piloting exercise will be another stage in the replacement of printed papers with an e-card, say government agencies. Myint Kyaing, Deputy Minister of Labour, Immigration and Population, said to the Myanmar Times on January 11 that the driver would help to address the program's operational challenges.

"It is a model that will be implemented in some states and areas. No one gets a new card. It would be aimed at issuing the citizen with e-passports in order to substitute the present identification document with a safer and more robust one. The pilots chosen for the programme are Nay Pyi Taw, Mandalay and Yangon and Rakhine State, in particular Sittwe, Maungdaw and Buthidaung.

Ten thousand people, 65,000 of them estimated by the UN, have escaped to seek refuge in neighboring Bangladesh. Firstly, it is possible to give people, irrespective of their ethnic origin, a unique identification number which can be used on a driver's license, in bank business, etc., so that their identities can be verified without any form of disproportion.

Rakhine State Migration Commissioner U Aye Lwin said the process aims to move from paper-based national registration card to digital storage smartcards. "Identity chip card is a standard in the global economy, although our nation still uses NRC card made on film. Mr U Aye Lwin said that the goal of the scheme will be to give a chip card to everyone over 18 years of age, and that priority will be given to those currently enrolled on the migration authority register.

"He said, "People not on this mailing lists may be a little behind schedule to get their chipcard. In addition, he added that persons participating in the pilots are" scrutinized" and only certified citizen receive a chip card. The state' s migration authority says that the inhabitants of the pilots will be asked to submit their budget lists and NRC-card.

Anyone who has dropped these papers can complete a 16-point form. INS will record each person's identity, fingerprints, photos and ocular scans. Regulatory arrangements for a forthcoming switch from hard copy maps to a hybrid system are being examined by the state. As early as the course of the piloting process, which is backed by the World Bank, the International Organization for Migration and some privately owned enterprises, international technology firms are to advise the MFA.

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