National Holidays Myanmar 2016

Myanmar National Holidays 2016

Holidays in Myanmar 2016. 01 January, International New Year. Survey of the holidays and many observations in Myanmar in 2018. March 1, Thursday, full moon day of Tabaung, holiday. The national holiday is one of the few non-religious (Buddhist) holidays in Myanmar.

Guidebook: Myanmar National Holidays 2016

Though Myanmar has many different kinds of worship holidays, the national holidays focus on important historic events and Buddha Schools. Myanmar's population of all faiths loves a feast. The following data refers to 2016. Myanmar (then Burma) became completely unaffiliated from its British sovereigns on January 4, 1948.

Sao Shwe Taik became the first president of the new land and U Nu his first prime minister. Whilst there are no persistent resentments against the British, the Myanmari are very proud of their origin. Exhibitions and events take place throughout the entire state to commemorate the date. Kayin New Year is an important period in which the Kayin community can commemorate their own distinctive Myanmar culture with dancing competitions and song in their own costume.

The festivities focus on the conservation of Kayin languages, cultures and literatures, Kayin national unification and evolution. Young and old Kayins dress up in old tunic dresses over lapels and go to see their family and family. On February 12, 1947, the Union Day commemorates the Panglong Agreement between the Myanmar authorities under General Aung San and the Shan, Kachin and Chin peoples.

It declared the full autonomy of domestic government and was considered the pivotal factor in the country's complete autonomy from the British a year later. The Day of the Farmer is celebrated by the large Myanmari people, who make up about 70 per cent of the country's people. Throughout the holidays, heads of state and government debate agricultural reform and family visits parklands and small rural areas.

Tabaung Full Moon is a Buddhist tradition in Myanmar. It' the last north of Myanmar before New Year's. SWEDAGON Pagoda is holding a huge party to commemorate this feast in... It begins with a ceremonial for the 28 Buddhas, followed by a ten-day uninterrupted lecture of Buddhist writings.

Initially hailed as Widerstandes Tag, Armed Forces' Day coincided with the year 1945, the year of the army's opposition to the occupying forces of Japan. This is the date when the nation's armies (the Tatmadaw) are feted, usually in the capitol Nay Pyi Taw. It is the one season of the year in which the (mostly conservative) Myanmarians let off steam a little.

Similarly acclaimed in neighboring Buddhaist lands, Thingyan ('Songkran' in Thailand and'Chaul Chnam Thmey' in Cambodia) was and is still today acclaimed in some areas to purify the mind before the New Year. Today it's a rough but unbelievably funny ceremony where folks of all age take to the street to celebrate and shower each other with drink.

When you are on a visit during this vacation, make sure you keep your belongings in watertight boxes, as they will show completely no grace when they are poured out. In spite of the relatively rude ceremonies, many Buddhist take the chance to go to the convent for a few short periods to find the much needed peace and show merits.

An almost global celebration of workers' liberties, in particular the eight-hour daily rally, which favoured dividing the daily into three parts: eight working days, eight relaxing days and eight resting years. This is the date on which Gautama Buddha's birthday, illumination and the Nirvana coming into being are honored. Waso Full Moon Sunday is the beginning of the Buddhist Lenten (Wasso), which generally marks the peak of Myanmar's wet seasons.

This is usually a period of increased worship throughout the land, and many of the most enduring friars do not abandon the area. Obligations of amateur Buddhist usually include the renunciation of flesh, drinking alcoholic drinks or tobacco and it is also a period when Myanmar residents are not permitted to move.

Martyrs' Day is probably Myanmar's most important feast after Thingyan. Aung San (whose daugther is Aung San Suu Kyi) and eight others were murdered by a zealous police competitor just before the nation gained British sovereignty in 1947.

37 hrs Honking cars on the Myanmar street go into a rush to recall the time when armed men stormed into a secretariat session in Yangon city centre and killed the group. On the full lunar Monday of the lunar months of Thadingyut, this feast (also known as the Feast of Lights) says farewell to the Buddhist Lenten and hopefully also to the wet period.

This celebration takes three full lunar months and is held to welcome Buddha's descend from heaven. Thadingyut offers a wide range of meal stands, folk stores, music and free films. This is one of the most important day of the year for the Buddhists and a favourite season for the locals to come and see pagodas.

On the full Monday of Tazaungmone, the feast is celebrating the end of the Kahtein saison, during which the friars are given new garments and almonds. Although the celebration of the event is Buddhist, the event has close ties to Hindu festivals. It' s another celebration that is filling the country's couples, and there is a lot of credit for it.

In Taunggyi the famed Taungdaing celebration takes place at this period. The National Day is commemorating the beginning of students' protest against UK sovereigns, including a strikes at the country's university. Although it is a predominantly Buddhistic state, Christmas is officially a national holiday.

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