National Flower of Myanmar

The National Flower of Myanmar

Two flowers, however, are considered national symbols. The Burmese rosewood flower is the national flower of Myanmar. Burmese rosewood is scientifically named Pterocarpusmacrocarpus.

The National Flower of Myanmar?

Myanmar's national flower is the rosewood flower of Burma. Myanmar rosewood is scientifically named Pterocarpusmacrocarpus. Popular name of the national flower of Mayanmarare `Cibicibi Sang Dragon' in English, `Padauk or Padouk' on Myanmarand `Narra' on Philippino. Myanmarans believe that the'Padauk or Padouk' is their strong point and the flower symbolises their romance, affection and adolescence.

The flower adorns the flowers in April by blooming with a large golden colour and spreads an intense fragrance on New Year's Day. Upholstery and wood texture are made of "Padauk or Padouk" wood. For the Myanmar countryside, both the flower and the forest play an important part in strengthening the Myanmar countryside. They also represent the state with the mark of power, affection, youth and romantic.

For this reason, the rosewood flower of Burma was called the national flower icon of Myanmar. Everywhere in Myanmar and located in South Asia, North Australia and the West Pacific Islands. Burma's rosewood flower is the most popular national flower icon of the Myanmarpeans. The plant is found throughout Myanmar, South Asia, North Australia, South China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Solomon Island, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Ocean.

Well, there are different types of these are. It' a decorative arboreal that embellishes streets, garden houses, etc. Amazingly, it's a one-day flower. That'?s painful for a flower man, but it won't tell you. None of the plants flower on the same time. At the end of a flowering period, the flower leaves fade away and gather on the grass fields under the trees.

It is also a divine setting for the flower-lover. It is used as a spring of honeys and the leafs are used as a shampoo. Blossoms as well as leafs are eaten. Its use in conventional medicines is to combat tumours. In short, the rosewood flower of Burma is the most appealing flower in Myanmar.

It' the emblem of power, charity, youth and romantic. Myanmar's inhabitants have reasonably chosen Myanmar's National Flower.

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