National Day in Myanmar

Myanmar National Day

Learn about the dates, history and background of the National Day in Myanmar. It' worth mentioning a few things about this special holiday. Myanmar National Day is the only non-religious holiday in Myanmar where people have an additional day off. Each country of the world has its own significant and honourable days in connection with national affairs. Learn more about Myanmar Independence Day.

2018 Myanmar National Holiday | Holidays in Myanmar

What is Myanmar National Day? So how long until National Day? It is a feast in 155 jours. The National Day is an anniversary in Myanmar. These festivities marked the beginning of students' protest against the British in 1920. This is Myanmar's national day and should not be mistaken for Myanmar's Independence Day, which is held on January 4.

Myanmar (then Burma) came under UK domination in 1886, with Rangoon (the country's capitol, now Yangon) being an important harbour between India and Singapore. Since the first few colonial colonization efforts, there has been a great deal of grudge against Britain's domination, with the 1920 students' protest being seen as the beginning of the Resist movements that eventually resulted in 1948 in independence from Britain.

1920, on the 10th day after the full-meal day of Tazaungmone in Burma's full-mealday, Rangoon and Judson College protesters began against the 1920 Rangoon Law of the UK government. Law elevated the state of Rangoon College to that of a college, but the changes in government and syllabus were seen to justify the country's siblings.

They sparked a call for student nationism, based on core components of the independent movements. National Day is a day to commemorate not only the 1920 protest, but also the pivotal place of the student community in the emergence of contemporary Myanmar.

Myanmar National Holiday | Yangon Life

Specifically, it is the date of the first students' strikers' strike at Yangon University. In 1935 and 1938, further striking took place to awaken national identities and resistance to Britain's policy of colonialism. MYANMAR calendar determines the real date of the ceremony and coincides with the 10th day after the full Monday of Tazaungmone, the 8th calendar of Myanmar, which is held every year in November or December.

The date this year is November 24, 2016. It is the story up to the students' revolution that forms the backdrop of the national holiday. 1824 the Brits captured Myanmar. Myanmar was added to Britain-India in 1886 as it is a distinct provincial area. These incidents contributed to the fire in the run-up to the students' uprising.

Yangon University protesters on December 5, 1920, were protesting against new rules of governance by the Britons. The word of the protest was spreading throughout the country, and many other colleges were holding their own against it. The day is regarded as the day of the national holiday in Myanmar, a day that marked the actual beginning of the massive protest against UK overcontrol.

But it was not until January 4, 1948, that Myanmar became independent of Great Britain.

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