National Capital of Myanmar

Myanmar's national capital

Myanmar's capital Naypyitaw is unique and the best place for military affairs, but Yangon is not. Moreover, the capital should be in the middle of the country. Myanmar's trading city is still Yangon. A number of governments recognise Yangon (Rangoon) as the national capital. Naypyidaw is the current capital of Myanmar (Burma).

The capital of Myanmar desolat, secretly constructed

NAYPYIDAW, Myanmar - Tin Ko Ko Oo left the coach on a damp Sunday night with a thick bookbinder and a duffle filled with lunch and washing-up. It was a little like a rookie student who returned to university after a week-end at home. Tin Ko Ko Oo is 41 years old, a member of Myanmar's parliamentary council, and is returned to one of the most bleak capital cities in the entire state.

Formerly governed by Burma, the leaders were so Parisian in their safety that they secretly constructed a new capital and announced their livelihood as it was finished a century ago. Most of the 440 legislators who reside here every year for a few month are anything but royalty.

Due to the generals' flamboyant plans not extending to residential construction - at least not for non-servicemen - hostels were constructed for opponents and officials. In the past year, the government came to blame after Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy leading the five-decade fight against government in the world over.

In the secluded Naypyidaw, the Si Bin Guest House No. 2, several hundred first-year students found their way to the low, pastell greens of the dormitories. Spartacist lodgings may seem known to the opponents who were in jail under army rule. When he grew up under the regime, he never thought he would minister in this House.

Only a few have automobiles, and the distance in Naypyidaw is too great to cycle, so busses take them to Parliament's huge building every day of the week at 8 a.m. and back to the dormitories before it gets too late. Some legislators sometimes meet on Saturday nights in one of the city's hangout banks.

It stretches over 2,700 sq. m., more than five of Los Angeles, and although some 1 million people are said to have settled here, it' s hard to see more than a few. Naypyidaw, like other purpose-built capital cities, such as Brasilia in Brazil and Islamabad in Pakistan, is owned - housing, army, business and hotels are subdivided and subdivided into lattice designs separated by kilometers of tarmac.

An embassy-built 5-hectare embassy area is abandoned because most Yangon states have retained their Yangon lodgings. Lifestyles are isolated, but parliaments only meet about three-month a year. In fact, some legislators confirm that they are enjoying parts of it: There' are few diversions, they can concentrate on their work, the web is relatively quick, and unlike the buoyant Yangon 200 leagues further down the road there is no transport.

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