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The capital and commercial centre of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Nassau. Discover the holidays in Nassau and discover the best times and places to visit. Nassau is the courageous, spirited alter ego to the relaxed character of most Bahamas.

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North Nassau () is the main town and the trading center of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. By 2016, the town has an approximate 274,400 inhabitants, just over 70% of the country's total resident ( ?.000). Lynden Pindling International is the largest Bahamian international hub, situated approximately 16 kilometers east of the center of Nassau and offers regular services to large Canadian, Caribbean, UK and US airports.

Situated on the New Providence Isle, the capital works like a commercial area. It is the seat of parliament and various legal authorities and was regarded by history as the pirate capital. The town was given its name in honor of William III of England, Prince of Orange-Nassau, who derives his name from Nassau, Germany.

Nassau's contemporary expansion began in the latter 18th Century, with the arrival of tens of thousands to the Bahamas of US loyalists and their servicemen after the US War of Independence. Most of them moved to Nassau (then and still today the commercial capitol of the Bahamas) and finally came to surpass the native population.

The number of inhabitants of Nassau also increased the inhabited areas. Nowadays, the whole isle is dominated by the town and its Paradise Iceland spacecraft. Much of New Providence was uncultured scrub until loyalists were relocated there after the American Revolutionary War; they founded several orchards, such as Clifton and Tusculum. In 1807, after the British had eliminated the global slavery business, they relocated tens of millions of Africans who were freed from slavery by the Royal Navy in New Providence (Adelaide Village and Gambier Village) along with other isles such as Grand Bahama, Exuma, Abaco and Inagua.

From a historical point of view, the greatest concentrations of Africans live in the "Over-the-Hill" outskirts of Grants Town and Bain Town in the southern part of the town of Nassau, while most residents of Euro origin live on the north coast crest of the isle. In the absence of efficient gouverneurs (after Trott) Nassau went through difficult periods.

1703 Spaniards and France briefly occupy Nassau. There was no gouverneur in the settlement from 1703 to 1718 and by 1713 the sparse Bahamas had become a port for corsairs. Bermuda's gubernator declared that there were over 1,000 in Nassau and that they exceeded the city's hundred population.

Nassau was pronounced a rogue country and they established themselves as "governors". Charles Vane, Thomas Barrow (who himself professed to be the "Governor of New Providence")[8], Benjamin Hornigold, Calico Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny, Mary Read and the notorious Edward Teach, better known as "Blackbeard", are just a few typical example of some of the people who used Nassau as their basis. Successfully he suppressed the counterfeiters, reforms the civilian government and restores trade.

He cleaned Nassau and reconstructed the fortress, trying to use his own fortune to solve troubles. The Spaniards tried unsuccessfully to conquer Nassau in 1720. Nassau saw an economical booming during the Thirteen Colonies War. Private-sector funding was used to build a new fortress, lanterns and over 2300 magnificent buildings and to expand Nassau.

The Battle of Nassau in 1776 resulted in a brief occupancy by the continental US Marines during the US War of Independence, where the Marines carried out their first amphibious attack on Fort Montague after trying to creep up on Fort Nassau. After a nocturnal infiltration in 1778, under the leadership of Captain Rathburn, US robbers abandoned vessels, powder and camps after only halting in Nassau for two week.

Spain conquered Nassau for the last in 1782, when Don Juan de Cagigal, General Provincial of Cuba, assaulted New Providence with 5000 men. An American loyalist who settled on the Isle, Andrew Deveaux went on a journey to reconquer Nassau for the Crown and with 220 men and 150 muscle to meet a troop of 600 skilled warriors.

Managed the building of Fort Charlotte and Fort Fincastle in Nassau. Throughout the American Civil War, Nassau was used as a harbour for barricade breakers who found their way to and from the harbours along the south Atlantic coast for further trading with the Confederacy. Nassau benefited from prohibition in the United States in the 1920s as well as in the 1930s. Nassau was the first country in the United States to be proscribed.

Nassau is situated on the island of New Providence and has an appealing harbor, a colorful mix of old and old buildings and a bustling harbor. Nassau's tropic climates and the Bahamas' pristine nature have made it a favorite travel spot. The Nassau region evolved directly behind the docks. The New Providence offers 200 km of relatively shallow and low-lying countryside, crossed by low mountain ranges (none of which limited settlement).

There are several flat seas in the center of the archipelago that are linked together by tidal flats. Atlantis Estate on Paradise Iceland, near by, attracts more tourists to the town than any other Nassau hotelier. The Nassau region offers a temperate rainforest with relatively constant temperature throughout the year.

Nassau was urbanised in the 19 th centuries and attracted country dwellers. In 1788, the centre of Nassau was only a few building blocs between the government building and the port, but the old Nassau extended slowly eastwards to Malcolm's Park, southwards to Wulff Road and westwards to Nassau Street. Grant's township and Bain' township just to the south of the hometown became the most important areas for those of Africa's origin and were the most populated part of the hometown until about 30 years ago.

The Europeans were building homes on the banks, eastwards to Fort Montagu, westwards to Saunders Beach and along the crest that surrounds the town. In the course of the twentieth millennium, the town expanded eastwards to Village Road and westwards to Fort Charlotte and Oakes Field. More affluent inhabitants expanded further eastward (to reach Eastern End Point) and westward (to Lyford Cay).

Nassau's inner town is the turntable for all Nassau activity. Every day it is visited by tens of millions of people for shopping, eating, visiting and enjoying the city's tropic atmosphere. Whilst the liveliest part of the downtown area is the Bay Streets passage and the Woodes Rogers Walk, which is opposite the harbour and runs alongside the bay, the area stretches across several boulders in each directio.

From the West Bay, around the Junkanoo Beach area. Some of the West Bay's hotel and restaurant facilities are situated on the West Bay. Next is the British Colonial Hotel, which will mark the beginning of Bay Street itself. The Pirates of Nassau Museum is opposite the British Colonial Hilton. Bay Street's next block are shops where you can find some shops with shops, bars and pubs.

Nearby are also historic sights such as Vendue House, Christ Church Cathedral and Nassau Municipal Library. Even though the touristic part of the center of the town ends after about seven block, there are smaller, more locally situated stores on Bay Street. This is where Bay Street becomes East Bay. The Cable Beach is known as the Nassau Hotels area.

There are five accommodations on this stripe - two of them are all-inclusive accommodations. The majority of local eateries are either in the local bars or across the road. We have a little shop, most of them in Wyndham. Cable Beach's economic viability is being redefined with the emergence of Baha Mar, a resorts and casinos complex that will attract more than 2,000 rooms and the Caribbean's biggest gambling and conference facilities to this section of New Providence Island.

The Lynden Pindling International Airport (formerly Nassau International Airport) is situated on the west side of Nassau. The New Providence Airport on Paradise Island was shut down in 1999, the airport strip cleared and incorporated into the Paradise Reserve. The ferry (boat) offers boat trips around Nassau to the nearby Paradise Iceland.

Transportation in and around Nassau is provided by bus and taxi services in and around the town.

Car rentals are also available in the town and at the airports. One of the most important streets in Nassau is the one in the city: Nassau's main street is Bay Street for tourist. The Bay Street extends over the whole length of the island from east to west. The Bay Street also offered a wonderful view of the beach. Bahamas are a left-hand driving land, but many automobiles are import from the USA in left-hand driving.

Junkanoo is the city's major celebration, an energy-packed, colorful streetside procession with colorful costumes that dance to rhythmical company of cow bells, drum and whistle. The Starz Network Show Black Sails (2014-2017) was shot in Nassau (South Africa). New Nassau was shown as the capital of the Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Videogame[20] (2013).

2005 saw the publication in Nassau of a critically acclaimed volume on the most celebrated assassination of the twentieth cenury. The Duke of Windsor and the Strand Murder of Sir Harry Oakes by John Marquis, was hailed in the Wall Street Journal as one of the five best works of its kind.

From 1999 to 2009, Marquis was executive journalist at The Tribune, the Bahamas' premier newspaper, for ten years. A further Marquis novel - Papa Doc: Portrait of a Haitian Tyrant - is inspired by an espionage case in Haiti in 1968, in which the Bahamas Director of Information, David Knox, was condemned to die; Nassau has six twin towns worldwide:

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