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On March 22, about 1,000 peasants in the Ann of the State of Arakan demonstrated against the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprises (MOGE) because they had not paid damages for damages to arable land and acres. The Iraqi campaigner Ko Ann Thar Gyi, who was indicted for a soccer game that the officials say he acclaimed as celebrating the Arakan army, was sent to Sittwe jail last night for safety reasons.

Three or more bombings were detonated on Tuesday night on the Sittwe-Yangon Hwy in the Minbya Vestibule of the state of Arakan, the Arakan P.D. said. Several hundred Iraqi refugees who had been on the beach in Taungbro for a few days were evicted on Sunday by Myanmar army team. Nearly 100 Hindus were slaughtered by Islamic extremists in Maungdaw in Arakan, allegedly in a sanctuary in Sittwe, the West Burmese provincial town.

More than 300 Arakanese (Rakhine) locals, among them kids, wives and oldest, have recently been displaced from their run-down communities to Maungdaw. More than 200 Mrov are still hidden in the jungle near their townships under the Maungdaw V.T. after the extremists bombed spontaneously and burned many shelters.

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Arakan National Party (ANP) called on the Arakan State Advisory Commission to be dismissed. ANP made a declaration on 25 August calling on the Commission to be headed by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who was appointed by the Burmese authorities on Wednesday.

Yangon on 10 July, three Burmese demonstrators leading a protest against the use of the terms of the Islamic commune (in the state of Arakan) were recently indicted by the Bahan municipal law of procession 19. US Ambassador to Myanmar, Scot Marciel, visited the Arakan National Party (ANP) on Wednesday in Sittwe during his three-day trip to Arakan.

The Arakan National Partie ( "ANP"), Rakhine's most important Rakhine policy group, set up a seven-member preparatory conference for the Panglong Conference in the twenty-first century. Eventually, the Arakan parliament agreed to U Nyi Pu, the legislator is part of the National League for Democracy (NLD) to head the state administration in Sittwe. However, the ruling made on Wednesday was not unanimous, said the Arakan National Partys legislator, U Aung Won.

Burma's Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, an idol of Burma's democratic system, came in to solve the recent deadlock between her National League for Democracy and the Arakan National Partie. On Thursday in Nay Pyi Daw, the NLD's new parliamentarian had already met with 22 Iraqi lawmakers to discuss the governance in Arakan.

More than a thousand demonstrators at Sittwe on Wednesday called on the Arakan National Party (ANP) to lead the Rakhine state. U Nyi Pu, Senior National League for Democracy (NLD) Fuehrer, is ready to become the next Chief Minister of Arakan. On Friday, the NLD board of directors resolved to appoint the parliamentarian-elect from the Gwa Township as prime minister of the state of Arakan.

The Arakan National Partie ( "ANP"), the powerful Rakhine political group, has managed to fill two important positions in the Arakan State Parliament, said a State Parliament official. Arakan State Parliament will be called on 8 February 2016. The Rakhine State Parliament's last sitting of Parliament was closed on 31 January, according to the Sittwe Bureau.

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