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Myanmar Napili Beach

The Ngapali is a very small village around the beach of the same name in the state of Rkhine in Myanmar. Incorporate a stay at the Napili Kai Beach Resort for your tailor-made holiday in the USA. Western Maui Mountains seen from deck - Beautiful beach, perfect surf - Sunset Cruise - Inya Lake, Yangon, Myanmar - Previous photoset. Booking your Napili Bay Beach, US holiday accommodation online. The Ngapali Beach is one of the most beautiful destinations in Myanmar and also the most beautiful beach in Myanmar.


The Thande Beach Hotel (Ngapali) is ideally located on Ngapali Beach, the Rakhine Coast in the west of Myanmar. In the middle of the beautiful and scenic landscape gardens is the large "Thande Beach Hotel" with the best luxury class amenities against the backdrop of the clear water and soft Bengal Gulf waters.

Along with the flair and tranquillity of the area, the luxurious'Thande Beach Hotel' (Ngapali) offers a wonderful relaxing experience in the amenities of the spa town, coupled with our committed services and the cordial welcome of Myanmar.

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Ngapali (????????????), with its unspoilt, palm-fringed blank sands, the clear water of the Bay of Bengal and a variety of challenging accommodations, has a legitimate name as Myanmar's first beach holiday - allegedly years ago by a homely Italians who recalls Naples. However, for all Swedish holiday destinations, Ngapali has a relaxed atmosphere in the fishermen's town, as the small ships that go out at night to collect the price, which is only a few hour later serving to the people.

Local people stay smiled, and despite the growing number of establishments, the 15 mile coastline here means there's still plenty of beach area. Ngapali is even more of a place to go to sleep early than a great place for beach parties. It is almost komatos during the wet period (May to October), many of them close for renovation or just open a few rooms.

It is a place where everything looks as if there are still the same places where you can feel the thrill of a true exploration.

It is a place where everything looks as if there are still the same places where you can feel the thrill of a true exploration. Enjoy the 5-star deluxe Sandoway; dive into the wild, fall to sleep and wake up to the sounds of ripples and musicals. The TV-free rooms provide total privacy, recreation and tranquility, while our 58-person movie theatre offers your alternatives with day-to-day TV shows and filming.

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