Kuchinashi is a character introduced to Pokémon Sun and Moon. and NANU (note for Navstar users). Abbreviations and Description of NANU NANU is a consulting tool to alert the user about a GPS configuration modification. Such notifications are approved 72hrs ahead of time for scheduling service. They are also used to alert the user about unplanned downtime.

or Forecast Delta-V - specifies the budgeted downtimes for Delta-V manoeuvres.

During this service, the spacecraft will be shifted and the operator may be prompted to do so. or forecast maintainance - specifies planned downtime for the operation of ion pumps or to perform specific testing. or Forecast Extension - prolongs the planned downtime "Until Further Notice"; refers to the initial NANU.

or Forecast Summary - indicates the precise downtime for the planned downtime, which includes that of the FCS-TEXTD; is broadcast after service is completed and the spacecraft is configured to be user friendly; refers to the initial NANU. or Forecast cancellation - reverses a planned downtime; new service period not yet calculated; refers to the initial NANU.

re-terminated - shifts a planned downtime; refers to the initial NANU. FCSTUUFN or Forecast Unfusable Until Further Note - Planned failure of indeterminate length, not necessarily related to Delta-V or service work. UNUSUFN, or unsuitable until further notification - informs the user that a spacecraft will be useless for all further use.

or UNUSSABLE with a NANU lookup - completes a UNUSUFN NANU and specifies the precise downtime for the failure; refers to the UNUSUFN NANU. or UNUSSABLE without NANU Ref. - specifies downtime periods that were fixed before a UNUSUFN NANU could be sent. is used, or labeled initally user friendly, to notify the user that a Satellit is in good health for the first tim.

LEAPSEC, or LEAPSEC Second, is used to inform the user of an imminent leap second, and all information after the reference line is free-flowing text. Launching, is used to inform the user about an upcoming start of navigation in a GENERAL NANU style file that can be used for the first time.

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