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The best daily newspaper Tamil News Paper in Malaysia. Breaking news on malaysia nanban. You can read online the free daily newspaper Malaysia Nanban in Tamil (???

??) from Malaysia: Namibia, Tamil Nesan / Tamil Nesan (Sunday), Tamil Malar. One faulty Nanban took to the streets.

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??????, "Malaysia's Friend") is a Tamil newspaper headquartered in Malaysia, one of only three Tamil papers in the land, alongside the Makkal Osai and the Tamil Nesan, although three more Tamil papers had appeared in the land in 2014, Thina Kural, Nam Naadu and the revitalized Tamil Malar, which had previously been released in the 70s and 80s.

In 2012, the total print run was around 98,000 units per day. In spite of the relatively small print run, a Nielsen article found the best-selling Tamil newspaper in Malaysia and also outside India and Sri Lanka. Malaysia Nanban is currently the Tamil newspaper number one in Malaysia for almost 33 years under the management of Dato' Sikandar Batcha Bin Abdul Majeed.

Malaysia Nanban was established in 1986 by Dato' Sikandar Batcha Bin Abdul Majeed and the first edition was released on October 1 this year. Following the death of Dato' Sikandar Batcha Bin Abdul Majeed on December 11, 2006, The Malaysia Nanban is led by his 3 children Ahmad Mydin Bin Dato' Sikandar Batcha, Nooruthen Bin Dato' Sikandar Batcha and Shafee Zaman Bin Dato' Sikandar Batcha.

In contrast to other Tamil papers in Malaysia, the newspaper runs without assistance or intervention from various Malaysian states.

Tamil International Newspaper - Malaysia Nanban

Receive detailed information, contacts, fees and distributions of the Tamil newspaper of Malaysia, Malaysia Nanban. It is one of the most loved languages in India and even in a few other places like Sri Lanka, Malaysia etc. There are three Tamil dailies in Malaysia: Makkal Osai, Tamil Nesan and Malaysia Nanban.

Nanban was founded by Malayssian Indian Congress (MIC) Vice Chairman S. Subramaniam. After being hostile to Samy Vellu, he founded this newspaper in Tamil. Penerbitan Sahabat (M) Sdn Bhd, a private enterprise founded in 1986, publishes Nanban in Malaysiak.

Co-founder of Malaysia Nanban, Tamil newspaper of Malaysia was established by Dato Sikandar Batcha and began on a very small scale in Kaula Lumpur. Thailand Nanban contains politics information, diversion, nonfiction active psychological feature, manner etc, you can see datum and classified ad from India as excavation as Malaysia. TAMILIAN TV-cannels, Tamil films Kollywood Star are also an important part of Malaysia Nanban.

Nanban Malaysia is located in both Malaysia and India. The Nanban branch in Chennai and Delhi is located in India. 544-3, Batu Complex, Off Jalan Ipoh, Batu 3 ¼, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The New Delhi Adress and Contacts of the Tamil newspaper Malaysia Nanban. If you are interested in Malaysia Nanban's classed fares, please refer to one of the addresses above.

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