Names in Myanmar

ames in Myanmar

Summary: This paper proposes a method for extracting proper names from Myanmar's text using latent dirichlet assignment (LDA). This list of geographical names is mainly based on maps and dictionaries. There are no last names in Burma/Myanmar, not even within the same nuclear family. Transcript: Raceman[prefix title choice: Sayadaw, Bhaddanta, U, Ashin] These names are listed in alphabetical order without using a ranking system and reflect only the opinion of The Myanmar Times editors.

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Thiha Aung (????????), of 5 people, and Zin Min Htet (??????????), who were divided by 4. Approximately 9% of the men in this random sampling share the same names. REFERENCE OF WORDS: In terms of the texture of a common masculine name, almost 2/3 of the men had 3 names (e.g. Swe Lin Aung).

Slightly more than 1/5 had 2 names of words (e.g. Zeyar Htet), while 1 in 10 had a name with 4 words (e.g. Zin Maung Maung Than). ORIGIN: The first and second words in the first name are mainly Myanmar words. Below is a complete listing of all Indian loanwords used in the random selection, 19 in all.

Most of these credits came from Pali and were almost entirely used by men (except Phone and Thawda). Probably the most frequent masculine name using the following frequency would be Aung Min Aung (?????????????????).

Meaning of Myanmar's Names

Nearly every single equinox has its own significance in Myanmar. City names, people's names, all have a significance. Derivated from Pyagan, which in turn is deduced from the term pugama, which means "village of Pyu". It''pyugama'' to''pyugam'', then it''pugan'' and then heathen. Khauk: means "dry", in the middle of the arid area.

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The surname was the first issue I encountered when I chose to go abroad. Surname was obligatory in most of the form I had to fill in. Yeah, I don't have a last name. So I split my name into two parts, Maung Maung and San, and San became the name.

In Myanmar, some ethnic groups have surnames. However, you will hardly see that the woman in Myanmar changes her name to the man's name. Myanmar's historical record shows that the old Bagan era monarchs (????????) (9BC) named their first names after their fathers' surnames.

The name system of the early Bagan period seems to be affected by the name of China. Arakan( (??????) Monarchs of DhanyawadiEra(?????????) (4BC) used Moslem names even though they were Buddhists. There' s a drawback to not having a surname. It' not a big deal if Myanmar had a marital status bureau for a hundred years. In any case, we are not alone on earth without surnames.

I' ve just heard that there are more ethnic groups in Asia without surnames.

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