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From Nairobi: Nairobi, city, capital of Kenya. Discover the holidays in Nairobi and discover the best time and places to visit. class="mw-headline" id="Comprendre">Comprendre[edit] It is the Kenyan capitol and the biggest town in the state. There are more than three million people in Nairobi. Located on the Nairobi River, it is not only the biggest and most rapidly expanding town in Kenya, but also one of the biggest in Africa.

Nairobi comes from a waterhole known in the Maasai (an eastern Nilotian language) as Enkare Nyirobi, which means "cool water".

" Nairobi, a wetland area, was established in 1899 and was originally a depot for the Uganda railways. It became the Kenyan capitol, Mombasa at first, and also the capitol of the British East African protectorate in 1905. A rail system in the system contributed to its dramatic expansion and became the second biggest town in Kenya after Mombasa.

Nairobi also expanded through administrative and tourist enterprises (mostly big wild boar hunting). In Nairobi, the Brits, who were among the colonisers of Kenya, founded a business, which led to the establishment of large hotel establishments, especially for the English fighters. Nairobi also has an East India fellowship of those who are the descendants of the former railroad workers and traders.

Ethiopian, Kenya Airlines, British Airlines, Egypt Air, Etihad Airlines, Fly Emirates, KLM Qatar Airlines, Swiss International Airlines and Turkish Airlines operate frequent services to Nairobi. It is the premier carrier for Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific area. Nairobi's major international hub is JKIA Jomo Kenyatta International Airports (IATA: NBO), located south east of the downtown area.

When you take a JKIA cab, take a serious cab; many are outside to allow you transportation, and the costs should be very close to 1,500KSh to the downtown area; Western Lands (car with driver KES2,000 - Sept. 2015) or more such places in the western or northern will be more. Wilson Airport, just south of the town centre, is also available for inland travel.

Eastleigh County (pronounced "East-Lee") is a very large area in the east/northeast of Nairobi, but the Nairobi County Governor's Airfield is enclosed and does not carry civil air transport. From the city centre you can take bus #34 for 50KSH to the Ambassador Hotel and get off at the Ambassador Hotel.

From Mombasa, the town can also be reached by rail, with two exits a day in each directions. Updated timetable available at ke/madaraka-express-rates/ The old rail link between Mombasa and Nairobi (13h overnight service) was closed in May-2017. While the new line is much quicker (about 6 hours), Mombasa rail is no longer in the centre of town, but about 15 km outside Mombasa.

A number of coach operators offer itineraries to and from the various capitals in the nation, among them Nairobi, the centre of the coach service. The Matatus (14-18-seater minibuses) and shuttle buses (6-seater cars) are comfortable, affordable (and often the only) means of transportation that connect Nairobi with major urban and touristic attractions in the Rift Valley and central plateaus such as Naivasha, Nyeri, Nanyuki, Isiolo and Thika.

When you board a Nairobi Satu from Nairobi, you tell the cabbie your arrival and he will take you to the right place. The best thing is to get a cab from the name of the place you're staying. No. Entering Nairobi by ferry is not possible, but you could certainly get to Kenya by ferry via Mombasa or Lamu and continue by car, plane or train to Nairobi.

There is notorious poor transport in Nairobi and at peak times (7-9, 16-18) much of the town comes to a standstill. In Nairobi, be cautious when making an appointments, transport is very poor as in any other big town, but if you use your good judgement and a native or tour leader, you should be able to get where you want.

Because of the risk of renting cabs from the road and the high cost of company cabs, most Nairobi cab passengers build long-term relations with a few trustworthy cabmen near their homes and offices. They are not very inexpensive, but they will make urban living simpler and more secure, at least at nights.

Taxicab applications like the top favourite MARAMOJA (based on trustworthy networks) and global names like Easy Taxicab and Uber are becoming more and more common in Nairobi. When you need to get somewhere very quickly and the infamous Nairobi transport is poor, you can rent a bike soda (motorcycle taxi) for a split share of the costs from most road corner rentals, although many fearing bike cabs will find bike soda through applications.

In many parts of Nairobi going is not regarded as secure for aliens, but due to congestion it is sometimes necessary. Usually a mateatu ( open minibus/shuttle ) is used for travel between Nairobi city centre and the outskirts. Recently, the Nairobi authorities agreed to prohibit the 14-seater in Nairobi with effect from January 2011, in the hope of cutting down on urban transport and casualties (which has not actually been the case since 2011-2013, i.e. until now).

Probably the best choices are the Twin M commuter buses or the Downtown Hoppa buses and lately the revitalized Kenya one. A walk through Nairobi is quite simple as the town is small and the places are easily accessible. There are however some areas within the downtown area where tourist should not go; minimize wandering around at nights.

Recently, Nairobi has had a serious hijacking issue, but it has become a little more secure due to the increase in policing. Most of the common auto rents have franchise offices in the cities and several locations are available, with the lowest rates beginning at Kshs4,000 per night. The majority of rent a vehicle offers limousines, 4x4, vans, buses and safari vans and jeeps.

Centrally located in Nairobi, Germany, Central Car Rent a Hire[37] is a dependable, trusted and supportive vehicle rental group. Corollas at Khs4,000 per night and a Rap4 at Khs5,000 are offered by Cyrus Passenger Cars at Fairview Hotels. The number of cars at +254722417475[38] is large and you can pick up your vehicle at your local hotels, airports or downtown malls.

The Nairobi Passenger Hire [39] provides good service for 4x4 and other vehicle auctions. Though Nairobi is known as Africa's game drive capitol, the town has still been able to keep pace with modernisation. In contrast to other towns, Nairobi is encircled by 113 km of flats, rocks and forests that make up the city's Nairobi National Park.

It is a full town of activities both during the days and at nights. Visitors can choose from a wide range of liveaboards (wildlife, civilization, sporting, adventure, landscape and professional), eco-tourism trips, dining, culture, shops and leisure. In Nairobi, tourist can also practice various kinds of sporting activities such as playing cards, playing cards, playing cards, playing cards, playing cards, playing cards, playing cards, playing cards, playing cards, playing cards, playing cards, playing cards, playing cards.

The Nairobi National Parc, just outside Nairobi. You can also visit the Nairobi Safari Walk, an education center that draws people's attention to the protection of wild animals and habitats. The Nairobi Animal Orphanage is also located in the Nairobi area. Elephant Sheldrick Orphanage, near Nairobi National Parks. The Giraffe Center, in Lang'ata just outside Nairobi.

This centre cultivates the threatened Rothschild giraffe and has protection and educational programs for children of Kenya. After the elephant orphanage and the giraffe centre, this nice garden is the home of the ostrich and the crocodile. Approximately 1.5 hours outside the centre of Nairobi, this area is a haven away from the turmoil of the town where many third and fourth generations UK colonists still live.

The Crescent Island [41] is a particularly beautiful place, even if you have already made a trip. The Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park, 65 km from Nairobi, lies around a 2,146 m high hill. The Tana River is an hour's car ride from the town. At the National Museum of Railways, visitor can find out more about the Kenyan Railways and Kenya/Uganda Railways.

West by Midnight, Explore the buzzing and trendy West Quarter, which has turned into Nairobi's new Nairobi Nighlife Centre. There are many places to eat and drink along the lively Woodvale Grove and Mpaka Road. A safari in Nairobi mainland. Taste the many exquisite Nairobi dining establishments. Saturday is at the Nairobi High Court carport, Village Market on Friday, The Junction on Thursday, Capital Centre on Wednesday.

Make something else: go to Kibera, the Nairobi shantytowns. Fortex offices are situated in many parts of the town, where tourist are frequent. Pick-pockets are widespread in Nairobi and are known for keeping an watchful eye open for money from vending machines. Nairobi's six main super markets are Choppies, Tusky's, Shoprite, Naivas, Carrefour and Wallmart Game.

If you' re looking for goods that go beyond the grocery store, try the Yaya Centre on Argwings Kodhek Road in the Kilimani area, The Junction on Ngong Road or Sarit Centre and Westgate, both in the Westlands Vorort. There's also Garden City Mall, which also has a Shoprite. Sarit Centre will be recognisable to every westerner as a commercial centre with a Karrefour super market.

The Yaya Centre near Hurlingham and The Mall in Westlands are other Nairobi retail centres. West Gate is a rival of Sarit Centre. The Maasai Market is the easiest to access for locals to curiosities and gifts, and the most tourist-friendly, which takes place on Fridays at the Village Market, an upmarket open mall near the UN and American Embassy.

Masai Markets also take place on Thursdays at the Junction Mall car park and Tuesdays at the Westgate Mall car park. If you want to buy at a lower price, please go to the Tuesday Fair in the city, right next to the Norfolktel. The Biashara Street, situated in the city centre, is the place for textile.

Roasting house in the center of the town opposite the Matthu ward at Tom Mboya Rd. The Nairobi region has a great selection of mid-range restaurants. The Open House[42] is an exquisite India style dining establishment near Westlands near Nairobi. The Mesob is an ethnic, traditional Egyptian dinner at the China Center on Ngong Road near the China Consulate.

Motherland, is an authentically ethnic eating-house with good and reasonable prices (typical for Nairobi ethnic restaurants!). You can also find places to eat in other shopping centres in the town. In Nairobi there is a large selection of Nairobi style dining establishments that speak to the important Southern Asia communities in Kenya. There are also other local eateries that specialize in a variety of different dishes from Europe and Asia.

The usual quick serve eateries are Steers, Debonairs, Wimpy, Galito's, locals, Kenchic and others. There are also several locals that offer the locals cooking, such as soukuma viki (green spinach-like vegetables, kale in English), ukali (maize loaf, crushed grain and made into a delicious wheat bread/pulp), nyama khoma (meat roast), chapati and other specialities.

Carnivore, just outside town, near Uhuru Gardens, is a luxurious meat establishment renowned for its meat. Since 2006 the eatery has been one of the 50 best eateries in the whole wide range. Bookings can be a good suggestion, ask at your localtel. Furusato is situated in Westland and offers great quality Jap meal.

"The " Monflower ", on the top of the State House in the Palacina is a very sophisticated barbecue, grocery and merger dining place in a beautiful outside environment. "The Pango Brasserie" at the Fairview offers fine quality food from France and the Continent. "The Alan Bobbe's Bistro" is a dignified, iconic Rhapta Road on St. Marys School.

Tom Mboya Street, Little Temple Night Klub und Bar, Nairobi, centre-ville. It'?s a stripper joint down town. New Florida, local known as Madhouse or Madi, is situated in the middle of Nairobi on Koinange Street. The Fairview, a nice old historical motel with a wonderful complex and several eateries, is also situated on the tophills.

It' s calm at nights, a true rest from the town. Nairobi Holiday Inn. Constructed in the 1940' as the Mayfair Court Hôtel, this historical building has preserved its original character even though it has become part of the Holiday Inn series. Hidden in the Kilimani outskirts, The Ndemi Place is a tranquil nature spot and the perfect stopover for those looking for tranquility and ancient charms in the Nairobi town.

The InterContinental Hospital. Only 5 mins from the heart of the town and 15 mins from the international airfield overlooking the town. The Nairobi Safari Club. Kenya is the only comfortable resort in the country. The Panafric Hospital. Situated in the heart of the town and only 20 mins from the international airports. The holiday homes are situated in the Karen district, 32 km from the inner town, and provide a great alternative to the regular price of a standard holiday home.

The Nairobi Serena Hospital. Situated in the Central Park of Nairobi, this luxury resort provides high comfort and tranquil accommodation. The Norfolk Hospital. More than 100 years ago, on Christmas Day, the opened hostel, which hosted many exceptional visitors, is only 30 minutes away from the international airports and the shops.

The Safari Park Museum. Founded more than 50 years ago as a haven for UK Army officials, the hostel is just 15 minutes from the centre of town. Stanley Hospital. The over 100 year old hospitality has recently been restored to its viktorian sophistication. Situated 15 minutes from the centre of the town and 45 minutes from the international airports.

The Rhapta Road, Westlands, Nairobi. Dwellings are remote, but not insulated from the hubbub of the downtown and major streets surrounded by tranquillity, quiet and safety. Giraffe Manor Hotel Nairobi'. Kiel +254 731 999 999 999 The transformed home of the founder of the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife, just a few miles from the downtown area, situated on 57 ha (140 a) of farmland.

Ngong House is 30 minutes by car from the downtown area and the international airports on a site that was once part of a huge café. There are five traditionally looking but still elegant treehouses on the site. Cairobi has a history of theft. But the best thing for a tour guide is to remain in the heart of the town, know where you are all the time, and act as if you know where you're going (even if you don't).

Nairobi is a secure place if you keep your wits up and play it safe without running around a lot at night. When you are ever fortunate enough to be a native to a shanty town (not on a perverted tourists safari), you will find that the most destitute of the needy don't even go begging.

You should shun slum areas because they generate a great deal of interest, which can quickly turn into a hazardous area. Nairobi is dying out at nights, except for the center of town. One place to stay away from as a visitor is the Stadtmarkt; you could end up having to pay a much higher rate than Biashara Street and the odor from the meat/fish area of the store may be rotten.

The Eastleigh (known as "Little Mogadishu") is an area near the center of the town that is deteriorating due to years of negligence by the state ( even the local cops). Turists should try to stay away from it every single minute of the week. Al-Shabaab has taken charge of several shell raids in the town.

We recommend that before coming to Nairobi, travellers should be inoculated well in advance of their journey (6 weeks). Also, do not eat shellfish, apart from the upscale dining and hotel establishments, and make sure your fruit and vegetable has been sterilised correctly in safe drinking waters. You will be affected by yellowness, dengue disease, other virus infections, sleep disorders, yellowness and tuberculosis, and even though none of these are a problem in Nairobi itself, you will be affected by them in Africa.

Think about spraying your room every night. While there are many cybercafés near Nairobi, speed and computer speed are not always high, but you will still be able to open your emails, probably even use a cam or view YouTube. The majority of the good cafes are located in Norwich Union, which has a whole row opposite the Hilton next to Nandos, while the pricey ones can be found in shopping centres in the West.

Though it may be more convenient for tourist to use those in Westland as they are usually less overcrowded and more exclusive, but not necessarily quicker or better in regards to gear. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available at the Java House restaurant and Doorman cafes in the town and shopping centres.

A number of pubs, such as Havana in Westlands, also provide free WLAN. Sarit Centre's Sarit Centre café also offers affordable and fast access to cordless broadband. The Safaricom has the best nationwide cover, especially if you use 3G databases. Telephones and SIMs are available in many places throughout Nairobi and the entire county, even at the airports.

It is forbidden to smoke on the inner cities roads (the central network area with lots of skyscrapers). Certain areas for smokers exist, and outside the centre of town it becomes much simpler to find places where it is tolerable. They can take a lakeside cruise to see hippopotami, take a stroll between zebras and wildebeests on Crescent Island, horseback riding between zebras, wildebeests and wildebeests on Sanctuary Farm, and cycle between the wild and scenic landscape of Hell's Gate National Park.

Farther away, Nakuru National Park deserves a one night stop for a night stalking trip in the early afternoons and early mornings. Includes check-in information and some full listings for dining and hotel.

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