The Nadi is known as a transit point for the rest of Fiji. Needle travels The majority of travelers go to Nadi (nan-di) twice, whether they like it or not: His indecent hot breeze hits you in the face when you first take a flight from the airplane and throws you on the back when you get on at home. This is twice too often for some, and many make sure their Nadi exposures are as short as possible: this run-down city doesn't have much to provide, although it's a good place to get provisions, travel and use amenities that may be missing elsewhere.

Located just south of the city centre, between the Narewa Rd and the Nadi River, the Narewa Rd runs westwards to Denarau Isle, where you'll find Nadi's top-end resort. The Denarau Marina also has a bustling touristic dining and shops area where boat trips take off for the Mamanuca and Yasawa groups. The South Sea Isle is only 30 min from Port Denarau on the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji and is a haven for those who love adventure, sunbathing and aquatic sports, from a two-hour trip to a full day's trip - the option is yours.

When you want to go even further, do a trial dives or a certificated dives, according to your diving ability (additional costs - see tour options in "Important Info"). There is also an option to make a round trip around the other Mamanuca Islands (additional costs - see Tour Options under "Important Information").

The price includes lunches on the islands - you will enjoy a tasty barbeque all throughout the whole afternoon with a salad and unrestricted beers, wines and non-alcoholic beverages. It is a great, entertaining holiday with unrestricted use of all the amenities on the islands.

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It is the most important city on the western shore of Viti Levu, the biggest Fijian isle. The Nadi is known as a point of passage for the remainder of Fiji. Due to the relatively dry weather, the large airfield was constructed here instead of the Suva city. Nadi's primary road is Queens Road.

It' the place where all the excitement is and links the city with the remainder of Viti Levu. While you are walking through the city, the store owners sometimes come up to you and do their best to get you into their store. Frequently, when the Queens Rd is used for transportation or street work, the best street to drive through the city is the Nadi Back Rd.

And Nadi has dependable bus services that allow you to discover the city and beyond. Convenient, breezy busses costs a small part of the price of a rented vehicle. You can rent a vehicle both at the airports and in the city. We also have a number of locally based brand names, although not all of them are credible.

Buying in Nadi is two-sided. Buying in the first land is similar to buying in a West land, while the second shows the true Fiji and demands negotiating skills and sometimes to stand up to harassing vendors. Nadi's denomination, as it is throughout Fiji, is the U.S. dollars.

Accommodations in Nadi generally tend to be in the middle to middle ranges, while the lush and luxury resort areas are usually further westwards on Denarau Island. Listen to some tales of fraud and pick-pocketing in Nadi. There' s a cop shop in the center of Queens Road, if you got any issues.

Though Nadi is on the dryer west side of Viti Levu, the weather is still very hot and wet. While most of Nadi's streets are well built and well-kept, you should beware of a few big bumps in the smaller streets and suburbs. Drive southwards to Sigatoka and begin your trip along the famous Coral Coast of Viti Levu.

From Nadi International Airport, air-conditioned busses run twice a night (at 19:30 and 16:00) to the Suva city. From Port Denarau westwards of Nadi there are many viable excursion boats to the outside archipelagos like the Mamanucas and Yasawas.

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