Nabule Translation

Translation Nabule

Translation of "nabule" into English. My Memory, the largest translation memory in the world. So what does "sak pase" mean? This is an audiopronunciation and how you can react: Asking and answering this is a usual way to become great mates. Hear the above debate and note the meanings of this sentence.

They can also reply "mwen poze" or one of these usual answers. Remember that you can ask us anything and we will make an individual quote for your sentence.

What's happening" or "what's going on" is the fundamental British term for sack phase. It'?s a standard colloquial language to say, "Kijan or you?" For every language that has become part of the language of culture, the word meanings do not transmit the true power of the pun. The term "sak pass" is a contraction of " kiss a pass " and means "what can happen".

N'ap boules is a contract of "nou ap boule" and means "we burn". Net power of it is a mild symptom of warmth and boredom.

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