Nabule Beach

Beach Nabule

The 7 most beautifull beaches of Myanmar South-East Asia is a favourite part of the globe, and when you think of a beach, the first thing you think of is Bali or the isles of Thailand. Myanmar is a lost and often ignored land with fine sandy whitewashed sands. Everyone is welcome here, and we present seven of our seven beach locations to be visited when you reach Myanmar.

It is one of the most popular beach in the area. Here you will find untouched blank sandy and blue waters, while the beach is lined with palms. It' hard to find out why so many people come here. It is not that this beach is for those who are looking for a luxurious stop.

It is not everyone who is looking for five-star hotels, no matter what luxuries they have to choose from. When you want to get away from the tourist, you have to go to this secluded and untouched beach, away from all the noises. Kanthaya beach is 8 hours from Yangon by car, but if you have the will, it is definitely something for you.

Local people and visitors like to stay on Chuang Tha. Even though it will take about 5 hrs to get to Ngwe Saung from Yangon, this beach is easy to attain. You can get to this beach by road or local buses if you want to prevent the air. There' s a fishermen town and the beautiful beach, but that's all.

It will, however, give you an impression of Myanmar's countryside, and the surroundings are remote and soothing. But don't assume that this beach is empty. which means a bunch of folks are looking for a break and coming here. The area has been able to be protected from the tourist and some of the most attractive shores are found on these isles.

Several of the archipelago areas are favourite with visitors and scuba is the most frequent of them. This is another beach for those who want to escape from the daily hustle and bustle of the town. The beach of Nabule is isolated, but not so easily accessible. It' 12 leagues from Maungmagan Beach in southeast Myanmar and is perfect for a whole year.

By the way, Maungmagan Beach is one of the country's historical sands. British colonialists came here on their excursions, but today this beach is very much loved by the inhabitants. It is a peaceful beach on week days, but on weekends everyone comes here to relax. When you are planning to go to this beach, make sure that this is a Monday to Friday beach tour.

Therefore, the best season to come to this lovely land is either overwintering or early sprin. You are used to tourism, but you should know that when you are preparing for the journey.

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