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North Thailand is characterized by several mountains stretching from the Shan Hills in the border region of Myanmar to Laos and the rivers that cross them. Although, like most Thailand, it has a savannah temperate environment, its relatively high altitude and width contributes to greater variations in temperatures, with colder summers than the other areas.

The tall hills are cut by precipitous riverside and plateaux bordering the mainland. Numerous tributaries, among them Nan, Ping, Wang, Yom and Nan, run south through hilly dales and join together to create Chao Phraya in Nakhon Sawan province in the south. The Sirikit dam is located on the Nan Riviera in the province of Uttaradit.

There are four regions, the north of the plains and some mountain areas adjacent to the west and north-east borders. There are nine counties in the North, as the National Geographical Committee defines it in 1978. In geographical terms, the classification, in accordance with the six-region system, covers most of the Thai highlands' uplands.

North Thailand wins the eight states of the higher regions in the four regions classification: With Kamphaeng Phet, Nakhon Sawan, Phetchabun, Phichit, Phitsanulok, Sukhothai, Uthai Thani and Tak, the number rises to 17 states. The six -regional classifications defined by the National Research Council of Thailand include the following regions in the North: - provinces:

Bangladesh, Thailand Caving:: Campaign to salvage the young in progress

Rescue workers in Thailand have started a dangerous surgery to guide 12 young and one grown-up out of a cavern where they were imprisoned for two wholeweek. On a rock outcrop 4 km inside the Tham Luang caves the group is beached, but in the midst of fear of increasing water levels the officers have ruled that they can no longer maintain.

Officers have been calling it D-Day and saying that the guys are in shape and willing to move. Young people are saved in groups. Experienced scuba diver guide you through the dark and underground passages to the caves. So what happens in the caves? An enormous voluntary and medias action has developed around the estuary of the cavern in the last sunday.

However, early Sunday it was said to the reporters that they had to leave, which led to speculations about the start of a bailout missions. Osottanakorn Narongsak, who led the surgery, then acknowledged that 18 scuba diver had gone in to get the group. "These guys are up to any challenge.

" The young people were all judged by a physician and were "physically and spiritually very fit"..... They had also explored whether they could bore into the cavern and comb the mountain slope for another way in. However, as the wet spell begins, it becomes clear that the floods that the young people initially caught will only get worse in the next few nights.

Rescue teams have pumped desperate amounts of liquid out of the cavern, and Mr Narongsak said on Sunday that the level inside the cavern has been the lowliest so far. "There' s no other time we' re as prepared as today," said Mr Narongsak. The arrival and departure of the guys was a strenuous 11-hour round tour even for advanced scuba diving enthusiasts.

As the surgery started, the officers said the earlyest the young were likely to reach out to the top was 21:00 GMT-on-Sunday. With full face mask that are lighter for beginners to wear than conventional respiratory protection every young diver is supported by two scuba diving mothers.

About half way through the hardest section, they get to the "T-Junction" section, which is so narrow that scuba-divers must remove their tank to get through. Finally they arrive at Chamber 3, the cave that has become a front diving centre. A former Thai naval diver passed away in the cave at the beginning of this month in an announcement as to how perilous the voyage will be.

In the past, the atmosphere around the rescues was good when the guys were found out. The boy's families and boy lovers will find little peace until they hear the result of the bailout. What did they go into the cavern for? All of the guys, who belong to the same wild boar soccer club, are between 11 and 17 years old and know the area well.

Contrary to all expectations, they were found by emergency diver on a high cliff in the dark early last weekend. They have been constantly accompanied and provided with naval dives, lighting and health services ever since.

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