Mysterious Unidentified Object Crashes in Myanmar

The Mysterious Crashes of Unknown Objects in Myanmar

In Myanmar, mysterious unknown object crashes from space. The Myanmar Times reports that an unknown object fell from the sky near the Hpakant-Jade mine. MYANMAR HAS A MYSTERIOUS, UNIDENTIFIED OBJECT CRASHING. One piece of a Chinese rocket engine crashed into a house in China last year. Misterious unidentified objects crash in Myanmar - Fox News.

The Mysterious Crashes of Unknown Objects in Myanmar

An unidentified large metallic object has fallen from the skies in Myanmar's secluded mountain area on November 10th. This cylindric object, about 3.7 metres long and 5 ft in circumference, was blown up in the town of Lone Khin near a mine. Early in the mornings, the inhabitants awakened to a booming and noisy vibration as the object dropped to the floor.

Although no one was hurt, the UFO tore through the awning of a jet mine, and afterwards the scent of the fire fills the atmosphere, according to the Myanmar Times. We''ve seen the smokes from our village,' the lonely Khin resident Daw Ma Kyi said to the Myanmar Times. The object looks like an airplane at first sight.

"It was an motor, I think, because I found a diodes and many pieces of wire at the end of the body," Ko Maung Myo, a village dweller, said to the Myanmar Times. Yet goverment officers say they have not ID'd the object and send expert investigators to investigate it. A former Air Ministry civil servant said that the picture of the UFO on Facebook was more like a missile boost than part of a merchant aircraft.

As recently as yesterdays, China announces the success of a Long March Rocket 11 into outerspace, together with five satellite and an innovative X-ray Pulsellar satellite, Spaceflight Insider said. XPNAV-1 (acronym for Maichong Xing Shiyan Weixing), a 530 pound (240 kilograms) satellite equipped with photovoltaic cells and two detector that use pulses' X-rays for navigational purposes, is designed to locate spacecrafts in orbit.

Spacecraft scrap is a standard component of satellites and missile launch. Although the probability of a single detrital hitting a single human being is low, the probability of hitting one of the 7 billion human beings on Earth is astonishing: the probability of hitting a single one: a person: There' s a lot of crap in outerspace about past times. In all, in 2010 there were at least 500,000 marbles from outer-space or bigger circling our planets, although most of them are on the small side.

According to NASA, more than 20,000 of this outer shell is bigger than a soft ball. Switzerland suggested in 2012 to build a kind of cleaner to remove some of these rubble.

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