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Burma remains one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world, offering all the traditional delicacies of Asia in one country. The Duquesa Golf Country Club. Golf Royal and Country Club. The TOURISMUS is booming for the Southeast Asian country. State of share register, GG.

Is Burma/Myanmar not a Commonwealth country? Myanmar was a former colony of Britain.

Myanmar was the third country in the country's entire historic record to choose full autonomy after the United States and the Republic of Ireland. Several years before the country's sovereignty, anti-colonial feelings and na-tionalism were high - and it was not appealing to be part of the Commonwealth, the Burmese must be part of a "club" led by a UK royal.

However, they chose not to spend time/resources because Burma was not seen as significant enough, while they had a feel of achievement in convincing India to be part of rule. Burma was given a concession and agreement after the country's sovereignty that resembled a Commonwealth member, but most of them were abandoned after the 62nd year.

I will try to respond as best I can as a man and young college graduate from Burma. Burma's long history is why it is not a member of the Commonwealth, but the most important and formative cause is the Second World War. During World War II, the Chinese monarchy invaded Burma from Great Britain. That' a tale we Myanmar people like to tell.

Aung San was a Burmese superhero after the Aung San Wars. It was unavoidable to be independent, but why is Burma not a Commonwealth? British Count Louis Mountbatten backed Burma's absolute sovereignty. The way it looks, Burma may or may not have left the Commonwealth.

But" if" or an alternative storyline is another one. One could argue that, given the country's absence of democratic rule and the historical record of violation of people' s freedoms, Burma would not have been eligible for Commonwealth of Nations and would have chosen to leap rather than waitandman.

Compare Fiji's in our relation to the Commonwealth. It is more democratic than just that. Whilst the responses on the character of Burma's sovereignty are entirely accurate, I would also like to point out that the Commonwealth has a long tradition of constitutional and democratic values, which the Burma army government(s) have not - and probably not yet - been.

Fiji, for example, was expelled from the Commonwealth several times after the coup d'├ętat, and Zimbabwe's relations with this committee were also tall. Commonwealth is like a nation building society, lands can vote when they want, but they don't have to. There are many states that have acceded, gone and rejoined.

The accession of two nations that were never UK settlements and some have been abandoned following political putsches or atrocities. If the Commonwealth doesn't want to be a member, it doesn't have to admit a national. Since Myanmar was a recent dictatorial army, the Commonwealth would not have let them join, even if they had wanted to.

They still have enormous problems with respect to people' s dignity, even now, with its partly pro-democracy regime, which the Commonwealth could not see as an excuse, even if Myanmar did not want them (which they do not), the Commonwealth would not have them.

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