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Since there is no Irish embassy or consulate in Burma/Myanmar, we are limited in the assistance we can offer you in an emergency. Farther west of the Mergui Archipelago, sites like Burma Banks offer a different picture of what Myanmar has to offer. The British did not call Myanmar Burma. This former British colony was always called Burma in English and bama or myanma in Burmese.

Myanmar (Burma) Rent a Car

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  • Before leaving the house, make sure you have the necessary information for your rental vehicle booking, a current driver's licence, your debit and debit cards and your Myanmar (Burma) rental permit.

Cause you' re going to like this journey

Myanmar is the ideal place to get to know each other by bicycle, with its gently undulating landscape, peaceful streets, an array of outdoors activities and scenic scenery. Cycling through Toddy Woods to Mount Popa, the alleged home of the country's ghosts, observe the fishers working at Lake Inle and sneak through lime caverns filled with Buddha figures.

The exploration of Myanmar and its main streets by cycle opens up the heart of the land in many ways. Would you like to go on this journey? In order to end this journey, it is important that you are safe and proficient in biking. Whilst the cycle paths on this tour are relatively narrow and the ground relatively shallow, the weather is hot and often wet, so you need an appropriate amount of physical condition to be able to enjoy your journey - but keep in mind we will always have the escort car at your side if you need an hours or a day's rest.

Myanmar. Welcome to Myanmar. You will begin your adventures with a welcome session at 6pm. It is possible to come at any hour of the morning as there are no scheduled events until this important event. Inquire at the front desk of the hotels or at the front desk where and when the event will take place.

We will collect your policy information and information about your next of kin information at this get-together, so please make sure that you can give all this information to your guide. When you have a few minutes before the rendezvous to discover the city, we suggest you take the roads of Yangon. It is possible that you will need a cab to get back and forth between some of these rides; a one-way ticket should be around 4,000 MMK.

When you cannot book a plane to your destination in good season, you should come one full working days earlier so that you can participate. Later in the evening you will go to the most sacred sanctuary in the land, Shwedagon Paya. We' ll also go down to Kandawgyi Lake, where you'll see Karaweik Hall, a replica of a gold imperial ship swimming on the east side.

Transfers to the airfield for the flights to Bagan after having arrived at the hotels breakfasts. After lunch we will go to a typical factory to see how lacquerware is made and then on to the architectonically splendid Amanda Cloister. You will probably see the native men climbing to Mount Popa for the sap from which they distill their schnapps.

There is a great deal to do today, so you (and your bike) will drive part of the way through the city of Ta Ta Ta Oo. After Mingun we take a ferry for a trip along the Ayeyarwady back to Mandalay, where we park our bicycles and take the personal transportation to Mahamuni Pagoda.

Staying here for sunsets and enjoy the magnificent view of the lakes and sparkling Stupa's of the cityscape. To entertain in the evenings, consider a Mandalay puppet show or a non-compliant Moustache Brothers show. From Mandalay you travel about 50 km through the countryside of Myanmar, past farmland, small, vibrant towns and wonderful scenery, then on to Pindaya, a place known for hundreds of thousand of Buddha figures preserved in its lime-cave.

Once you have had your morning at the motel, you will head to the Pindaya cave to discover the cave and tunnel. Cycling over the gentle Shan Highlands to Nyaung Shwe, the gate to Inle Sea. 14-mile long and 7-mile broad, this is the second biggest in Myanmar.

We drive along the west shore of theĀ Inle See to the Indein pit. A short exploration of the Hundred of Stupa in Shan Styles takes us across the sea by motorboat. You' ll be passing Intha hamlets, paddy groves, sugar cane groves and old timber buildings.

Afterwards we will discover and enjoy the Inle Sea and the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, the principal shrine of the city. A cruise around Lac Inle gives you the opportunity to see locals from a different perspective. You' ll cross the iron and steel industry and see the renowned fisherman of the area. It is a one-of-a-kind design, created by the reed and swimming plant cover on the water, which makes it hard for someone to see and control while sitting.

The next stop is the small hamlet of Inpawkhone, known for its ancient way of weave silks from lots lots. It is a time-consuming procedure which, however, leads to high-quality material. We have watched the webers at work, we go to a Cheeroot plant and see how they roll them.

At night we will go back to Nyaung Shwe, where you will be spoiled with a Shan meal. Soak up a quiet day at Inle Lake before saying goodbye to your technical staff and flying back to Yangon in Heho. You will be transferred from the Aiport to your accommodation.

Myanmar's bicycle adventures end in Yangon today, with no activity foreseen. The travel finder is not available. Currently there are no regular sailings on our Cycle Myanmar (Burma) itinerary. For other excursions in the area, please click on one of the following routes.

Rates are subject to changes, so make sure you book your journey today! Surcharge for a surcharge for a one-bedroom is available on this tour, please refer to the travel information. Bicycles are available for rent. When you book, please indicate your body size so that we can organize a matching cycle. Customers are not allowed to take their own bikes due to limitations on domestic travel.

Bicycle hats are obligatory on this journey. Since we are not able to rent bicycle helms on site, we kindly ask you to take your own bicycle helms with you from home. When making your reservation, please enter your personal data with the name of your travel document, as this is indispensable for the reservation of travel service. Would you like a deeper look at this journey?

EssenttialTripInformation provides a route description, visas, how to get to your accommodation, what is inclusive - just about everything you need to know about this quest and much more. Cycle Myanmar (Burma) travel averaged 4.71 out of 5, up from 14 ratings last year.

Myanmar cycling was a beautiful journey that will take you near the land and the countryside. All we had to do was to get on the bicycle! The whole thing was taken care of by the team!

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