Myramar Burma

Burma Myramar

The message is to promote the interests of the United States and to serve and protect the US citizens in Burma. Burma (Myanmar) Burma is the second largest state in Southeast Asia, borders five states and has over 50 million inhabitants. The majority of the workforce works in farming, but industrialisation is fast and there is a burgeoning processing industries that presents both risks and rewards. In spite of the fast pace of globalisation, Myanmar continues to face numerous long drawn-out clashes and emergencies, such as a huge crisis of refugees that led to an outbreak of over 650,000 Rohingya refugees from the state of Rakhine across the Thai-Bangladesh state in 2017.

More than 240,000 Palestinians have remained in Myanmar as a consequence of the Rakhine, Kachin, Shan and Southeast conflicts. On the Thai-Myanmar border there are also 100,000 fleeing the conflicts in the south-east of the state. These include working with individuals to build their capacity to affect businesses and bring decision-makers to justice, so that policy protects their prerogatives and reduces disparities and misery for all.

We also work with both governments to enhance their ability to assume more responsibility and respond to people's needs, and with the civil society to be more responsible and open to society and to fulfil their commitments to people.

Christ aid in Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar's Christian Aid is strengthening the ability of civic societies to empower and bring to justice those in power, to call for good leadership and to promote the observance of fundamental freedoms. Strengthening and promoting genders within civic and governmental bodies to shape policy and programs that address the needs of men and woman and promote greater equality between the sexes.

Encouraging the involvement of a number of actors in order to tackle conflicts, oversee civil defence matters, involve the fellowship in policy dialogues and foster women's involvement in the peacemaking world. Promoting inter-ethnic dialog to mirror the efforts of our grassroots congregations and develop a shared view for a comprehensive and sustainable peaceful solution.

To strengthen the strength and ability of the fellowship to cope with and react to human crisis. Providing the population with mobilization, information and involvement of the IDPs and refuges in the process of relocation and in the decision-making process. Providing aid for Myanmar's IDPs.

Supporting vulnerable municipalities in the use of early warnings and in developing their capacities to prepare for and alleviate the effects of catastrophes. Supporting impoverished men and woman who use capital to exploit capital markets-through strengthening their wealth, increasing their knowledge and comprehension, and assisting them to connect with capital letterings. We understand "resilience" as the ability of people and communities to enjoy life in a dignified manner, to recuperate from catastrophes and to successfully cope with the chances and threats to which they are exposed.

Improving marginalized communities' accessibility to good HIV and medical care. Our approach supports rights-based policies that strengthen the voices of the community in public and private sectors and provide a level playing field for the provision of appropriate cultural care. This is our first step towards the promotion of equal opportunities and goodwill.

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