Burmese Myothit (?????

???) is a city of the municipality of Myothit in the Magway District in the Magway Division in Myanmar. v - t - e - Magway Region. The Myothit Township is a township of the Magway District in the Magway Division of Myanmar. Its capital is Myothit. Receive the Myothite weather forecast. Sat imagery of Myothite, Burma and surroundings.

All-new Bagan (Myothite)

Bagan is one of the most spectacular areas of Myanmar and is located in the centre of the land, 700 km northern of Yangon and 290 km southwest of Mandalay. In this area, which includes Old Bagan, New Bagan and Nyang U, there are thousand of antique shrines, palagodas and convents dating from the eleventh to the thirteenth centuries.

Bagan residents must foot the bill of $10 to get into the area, and although it is claimed that they are going to maintain the area, there are big questions about this assertion. The Bagan Viewing Tower, formally called "Nann Myint", which means "the high palace" in Myanmar.

Travelers can board the lighthouse and visit the miracles of Bagan for a $10 charge. Nyaung U is the liveliest city in the Bagan area and the most important destination for visitors to the area with good pensions and important transport connections. Situated 4km east of Nyaung U, Old Bagan offers few accessible dining and sleeptimes.

There are a number of fine craft stores that sell local lacquerware and wood carvings, as well as some interesting archeological places such as ramparts, churches and stunning vistas of the Irrawaddy River. Founded in the 1990s, the inhabitants of Old Bagan were compelled to move and reside in New Bagan.

It is a dozy, stuffy city with a range of bedrooms and dining areas with some great places along the river. It would not be possible to visit Bagan without visiting the unbelievable churches, convents, stupas there. There are over 2200 sanctuaries in the 40 km long archeological area.

Your best way to discover the sanctuaries is to organize a horse-drawn carriage to show you around, which allows some shadow from the scorching sun that is plaguing the plain of Bagan.

One of the best conserved but also most venerated and home to 4 Buddhas facing the four corners of the compass. Swesandaw Paya - This breathtaking 1057 constructed piece of glass is a very favourite place to capture the beautiful sundown of Bagan.

Even though it is packed at sundown, it is calm during the afternoon and it is definitely a good idea to take a look around if you have a while. Shwezigon Paya - An excellent place to catch the quintessence of past and present religions in Bagan, this functioning sanctuary hosts 4 solid bronce buddhas and 37 nat that date back to pre-Buddhist days.

It has the oldest free-standing sculpture of the nature kingdom, Thagyamin, in Myanmar. Popa Taungkalat - 50 km southeast of Bagan, this beautiful castle-like ensemble is proud and precarious on a rocky promontory of 1500 meters above sealevel.

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