Myoma Market Naypyidaw

Naypyidaw Myom Market

From now on Naypyitaw Myoma Market is the business focus of Naypyitaw. It's a kind of Ocean supermarket ancestor. At the moment Naypyitaw Myoma Market is the trading centre of Naypyidaw. Integrate shopping into your Myoma Market Tour in Myanmar, with details such as location, times, ratings and evaluations. Business centre of Naypyidaw;

near Nay Pyi Taw station.

The only place in the NPT with humans - Review of Myoma Market, Naypyidaw, Myanmar

The largest part of the Naypyidaw is empty.... because of its expanse. That market was the only place in the capitol that didn't seem to me to be fake. and I felt like I was in town. There' s this urban din, human din, different odors, lots of salesmen.

Would be a on-the-spot market where you can get lots slaughtered locally, try not to get their sea animals, fowl or meat, a little unsanitary, but that's how things are at the on-the-spot market. Imported fruit are quite pricey, try their watermelons, mangos and some other dried ingredient, you will be amazed with the prize.

From this market I hear about the kind woman who runs a souvenir shop when I asked her about the place where she purchased the fantastic mangos she served. When you want to see a market with products from the area, add it to your sights.

Sometimes a crowd of women come here for their daily (?) purchases. You' ll find sellers who sell pretty cathedrals, delicious fruits, delicious vegetables, seafood and meats. When you get tired after a stroll through this market, visit the makeshift stands serving some of the locals' delicacy.

When you know what you want and are ready to bargain, you can run away with some of the region's best and freshest products. It is a market for the natives - not like the tourists you can see in Yangon/Mandalay. It has more stands than the newer market. You will find workshops, small groceries, fruit, flowers, jewellery and fotos.

While I was walking around Myoma Market I waited for my coach to Yangon at the near train station. There is a great deal to buy: groceries, clothing and souvenirs! Have you been to Myoma Market?

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