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Nyaung U, Bagan, Myanmar. Receive quick answers from Myo Myo Myanmar Rice Food staff and former visitors. Myanmar Rice Food, Nyaung U Picture:

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Myo' s dependencies have weighed heavily on his marital and physical wellbeing and he and his spouse have been thinking about a breakup. She wished to be further and further away from me and then end up divorced because I was not a good man and father," Myo said. However, recently an ecclesiastes from the community in their community began to get together with Myo's woman.

Myo' s Lady, after many discussions and much encouraging by others in the community, welcomed the Good News of Jesus and admitted Him as her Lord and Savior by putting her lives at his disposal. "Myo recalls that all our families were encouraging her to part with me, but the parish priest and the parish were encouraging her not to part with me but to work on reunification instead.

" In the next few weeeks Myo' s woman visited him again and testified him of the affection of Jesus Christ. She said to me: You will be well, just rely on the Lord I will present to you. So Myo was wondering who this "Lord" was, so his woman presented him to the priest of the town.

Shortly afterwards, the minister consented to a regular meeting with Myo to read Holy Bible together and talk about God's salvific plans through Jesus. "And as I kept learning from him, I got a peaceful life in my own hear. So on December 18, I was baptized by the minister.

Thanks Reverend! Myo realized that he still loved his woman, but he knew that he had to free himself from his dependencies first. He had his spouse and minister by his side and encouraged him to keep on relying on God to gain power and heal.

Yet his family, his wife, the priest and the parish united to treat him properly in a clinic. I' m very grateful to my woman and the parish, and to the minister, that they worked on me without disheartening me while I was a pig. Had it not been for the fact that our colleague was in the area strengthened by your funding alliance, Myo would probably have fought further.

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