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In a truly epoxy-filled battle, armed groups from different countries and spheres of activity come together to open a service path that would help the Japanese and US armed groups to withstand the Japanese and overrun the theatrical world. Stiltwell Road was created in 1945 by the US Office of War Information and the UK and India movie companies documenting the development of Ledo Road, also known as Stiltwell Road after U.S. General Joseph `Essig Joe` Stiltwell.

It focuses on the importance of the Burma campaign and Burma Road in providing supplies to China and the US armed services that oppose the Japanese against the occupation of the Pacific theatre as a whole. For more Myanmar music videos, Myanmar model and actress photos, Myanmar celebrity photos, gossips and news, please check

In order to continue to receive our new videoclips, please sign up for our channel either here or at We would like to distribute our Myanmar musicvideo ( "Burma") to all our mates. We' ve purchased all this content to help our local artist, so if you like some of their material or some of their musical material, we strongly recommend that you buy genuine material to help them.

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